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Using mouse in presentation mode

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7 hours ago, OlekJot said:

left click shows next slide and right click shows previous

When you say next slide, you mean like the next "note"? I messed with the presentation mode once and it was not working out for me so I gave up. But I was only able to start the presentation mode for one note only, so there wasn't any going back and forth between notes in the presentation screen.

This was my experience and I had no expertise in the presentation mode since like I said I never use it.

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Hi.  In Windows there are a limited number of keyboard shortcuts -

  • Ctrl+M moves the display from one monitor to another (if present)
  • Ctrl+left / right arrows changes the slide
  • up / down arrows scroll the current slide
  • Shift-Ctrl-Enter starts a presentation from the current/ first slide

...there may be more...

If you can get your mouse to emulate one or other of those signals,  it may be possible.  There are no controls (that I know of) in Evernote.

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