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drag and drop files issue

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it is happening to me that when I drag and drop 5 different MS Word files into a note they all change the name and have the same name...

any clues why is this happening and how can I prevent this to happen?



current build: (306679) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.39.4193)


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1 hour ago, lsilva.m@outlook.com said:

different names but with same label like #ABC_name1.docx

The format might be the problem - I did have an issue at one point with Evernote apparently linking several files with the same name.  I assumed it was to save space.  Why save several copies of exactly the same text?  An edit to one was replicated in all the others.  Don't know how different a name has to be to keep the files from merging,  but it might be worth experimenting with different names.  If the files are all attached to a note titled or tagged #ABC,  could you not just keep the individual different names?

It's worth an experiment anyway to see if this truly is your issue...

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Em 2/7/2018 at 23:45, gazumped disse:

It's worth an experiment anyway to see if this truly is your issue...


no, it didn't work either :/ 

I wonder why this is happening... should just drag and drop work? or is it because it's beta version and there is one bug? What do you think?

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found the issue. Apparently, Evernote reads the file content and if the file content is the same although with a different file name the files are not attached to the note as different files.

What I did previously was to create black MS Word documents with different names. I just added random text in them and the attachment was successful!

Thanks for your input @gazumped ! (AH! this @mention should be implemented inside notes if they are shared ) 


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