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  1. This gave me the will to make a Medium post - thank you @gazumped \o/
  2. Great! Thanks - I knew an option had to me somewhere - it would make sense for devs to this thing of inverse order all the time (they knew that wouldn't be how users want to scan things). Awesome! I tried and by changing on the fly on the icon on top right it works as expected if it's a doc or an image. Thanks @gazumped
  3. right-click on the picture I want to crop » 'Edit with Photos' » crop and save - was this you looking for?
  4. that's how I use it, and it's when the pages are swapped. I wonder if it is related to uploading issues were lighter photos will upload faster and thus causing a change in the order; I test this again just now, and it appears that the order that the photos are added is inverse to the order you take them: the first one goes to the bottom of the note and the last one stays on top. Maybe there is an option to change this somewhere...
  5. yes, that's the one I've experience with - works, but could work much better I guess - sometimes I just crop with Edit option on Windows to be faster than in Evernote Thanks
  6. I just noticed this - lets call it bug - using the built-in camera yes.
  7. Yep, I forgot, moved down! Thanks Yeah, that is what I do sometimes but when things get overwhelming its just too many click, in my opinion. I say this because when you do an IFTTT in some cases you have the option to append (or at least I saw that feature before); so, why would it be possible to do with web clipper? (maybe the code is hard, and I get it)
  8. Hello, anyway to avoid the change of order of scanned documents? Almost every time a scan a document with more than 2 pages when the respective images are added to the note their order is scrambled - its a bit frustrating to try take the photos in order and then chaos. Thank you
  9. Hello everyone! Finally, I took some time to write this down - been thinking about this for over two years; the time that has passed since I began my PhD - or, 600 notes after. Evernote has been my notetaking and file keeping app for six years now. I began to use it more heavily during my master's, but, now with the PhD demands are higher. With this post, I am aiming to share how I use it has a PhD student and share my overall experience with Evernote. So, for other PhD students out there here is how I use my Evernote - we few examples: folders are structured like trees: PhD PhD- meetings PhD- literature review PhD- lab notes (...) In the same fashion are the tags PhD PhD: meetings PhD:meetings: with supervisor PhD: experiments PhD: experiments: experiment 1 (...) Here are the things I miss that would improve my experience: web clips that can be appended to a note for example, when I am doing a literature review would be nice to have all link for the papers in the same note; ordered as I am going through the search better calendar integration with Outlook and/or Gmail having all the tasks and events in the same calendar (both in the smartphone and desktop; not just in the smartphone) Scannable for Android smoother image editing (e.g. cropping) sometimes its a bit frustrating the time spent to crop a picture OneDrive integration (similar to Google Drive) would be great to add files without having to create sharing links all the time more highlight colours (at least two more) because it's just useful to have different colours for different concepts bigger files per note for example, I can't save all data from one experiment in the same note And here are the things I love (and can't live without them): file search OCR in photos saved searches coloured tag great for glancing what is done or not Gmail and Outlook clipper Internal links this is great to index drafts, pictures and experiment results from one note only custom templates import folders to a notebook (don't use this often now) use this to import '.pdf' of papers into Evernote, where I then write notes and share it with my peers publish the notes with a link great to share protocols and guides for new students If I am missing something that is already implemented, sorry - and let me know. happy notetaking, Leonardo
  10. EUREKA! found the issue. Apparently, Evernote reads the file content and if the file content is the same although with a different file name the files are not attached to the note as different files. What I did previously was to create black MS Word documents with different names. I just added random text in them and the attachment was successful! Thanks for your input @gazumped ! (AH! this @mention should be implemented inside notes if they are shared )
  11. no, it didn't work either :/ I wonder why this is happening... should just drag and drop work? or is it because it's beta version and there is one bug? What do you think?
  12. hey, it is happening to me that when I drag and drop 5 different MS Word files into a note they all change the name and have the same name... any clues why is this happening and how can I prevent this to happen? thanks current build: (306679) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.39.4193)
  13. hello everyone, so after using the beta desktop for windows here is the summary of my experience. I would like to begin with the two features that brought improvements to my workflow: 1) ability to apply styles to tags. It's wonderful! I use it to tag papers I need to read, this function had helped me a lot. 2) link notes inside note with the internal link. Took me a while to find this feature, but I got there. Although I still miss some things that at first I would consider them to be intuitive and they are not working (maybe I am missing something, that's why I am writing this post, so someone can help me out). 1) dark theme. for example, like in android; 2) assign tags in line, using the "#" ; 3) if the notebook it's shared refer people inside a note with "@"; 4) when a notebook its share with me doesn't get an icon like the notebook I am sharing does; 5) unless otherwise selected, forever auto-resize tables when the option match note width is first selected; 6) at least a default theme for the code block, so it's easy to read; 7) export a table as .csv ; To close this post, the little issues I found that may or may not be bugs: 1) when dragging pdfs to a note, not in a separated window I have to leave the note and open again to remove that pdf icon view with the flashing cursor fitting that size; 2) when I am typing the characters on screen are way slower than the speed I am typing. And I have the auto-savings set for 60s and no auto-sync. Could this be due to (not so obvious) connection issues? Using Evernote was the best thing I could do to be more productive! Thank you Evernote team. Best, Leo
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