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www.ombord.info in certificate not matching evernote web site

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Dear all,

My Windows 10 says that the Evernote certificate containing www.ombord.info URL does not match the Evernote web site.

Since it is the first time I get this message for Evernote I raise the attention of Evernote team and community.

Note that this web site www.ombord.info does not answer, and a tracert also fails.

Should I accept this certificate for Evernote ?


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Hi.  A Google search gives me ombord.info as being a mobile website portal,  as with some UK trains - http://www.trefor.net/2012/11/13/train-wifi-the-unexpurgated-truth/

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Just writing this on an East Coast train. I was digging about to see if I could somehow get a unique train ID via JSON. First of all I came across your post which was interesting. Then I had a delve into the web page you get when you are connecting to see how it could report real time information like the train position. In the process I stumbled on what looks like the Moov API. All sorts of interesting info about the connectivity of the train you are on…
Just go to http://www.ombord.info/api/jsonp/ and you will get a listing of the API endpoints…

You say that this isn't a usual error on your system:  could it have been to do with the network you were on?

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Hi gazumped and thanks for your relevant answer.

Yes it is possible that it relates the the environment I was on monday.

I feel that this certificate alert coincides with a trip I had through the train operator SNCF in France and the usage of their wifi onboard.

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