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  1. You dit it ! I have not seen this right click. Thank you to all of you. This topic can be closed.
  2. Great ! But I have not those arrows on Windows 10 on my Evernote ( ... I think those arrows were present there are some versions ago. Thanks for you feedback DTLow
  3. Dear community, Unless I miss something, I cannot find the way to go to the note previously displayed. I am pretty sure there was this function in a previous version. Any idea ? Any help is welcome. Have a nice day.
  4. Hi gazumped and thanks for your relevant answer. Yes it is possible that it relates the the environment I was on monday. I feel that this certificate alert coincides with a trip I had through the train operator SNCF in France and the usage of their wifi onboard.
  5. Dear all, My Windows 10 says that the Evernote certificate containing www.ombord.info URL does not match the Evernote web site. Since it is the first time I get this message for Evernote I raise the attention of Evernote team and community. Note that this web site www.ombord.info does not answer, and a tracert also fails. Should I accept this certificate for Evernote ?
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. Just for my understanding, why you support it on iPhone and not on Windows ?
  7. Hi, Now in august 2017, with my Evernote I still have a similar issue. The location is not automatically set in a note created on Windows 10. It works on my iPhone. I have enabled the location function in Windows. Any idea ?
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