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Feature request: Indication for already saved web pages.



Hi, I use Evernote Web Clipper to save web articles but sometimes I forget that I have already clipped a certain article and I clip it again, effectively creating note duplicates.

So I think it would be great if Evernote Web Clipper had an indication on it's browser icon that I have already clipped a web page, to avoid clipping it again. It just has to look at the web page's url for each clipped article.


Thanks, Stavros.

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Hi.  Whenever I get search results I check for duplicate notes and delete anything that I see.  I also rename / retag and merge so as to tidy up the database for the next use.  It's an ongoing task for any collection of notes.  Even given my absent-mindedness and occasional double-clips,  it's not,  however,  an imposition.

Clipping a web page takes a reasonably short time,  and there is an option to show 'context' (Tools > Options > Note - with 'advanced option ticked*) which occasionally will show a duplicate-note after the clip.  To run a check on a URL before a clip,  there would have to be a search,  and a pop-up to say "you clipped this URL on <date>" and a choice whether or not to go ahead with the clip.  My reservation with this process is that clipping takes longer and involves more keypresses.  And although you might be clipping the same URL,  did you clip the whole page or just a picture?  Has it been updated with new content since the last clip?

This seems to me like a 'nice to have' that needs some serious thought to decide the best way to deal with the query - and it also needs to be an option so that users can prioritise quick clips over possible duplicates if they prefer.

(*Some or all of which might be for subscribers only.)

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I really don't need anything complicated like popups etc. I just want a checkmark on Evernote Web Clipper's icon to indicate that I have clipped something of this page, anything really.

There is also no need to know what I have clipped. Just tell me that I have clipped something on the page and I will search my notes to find out what it is manually.

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On 30/01/2018 at 8:39 AM, Stavrossk said:

Just tell me that I have clipped something on the page

On that basis I voted this up - Clipper is connected to the server copy of your database,  so (I guess) a quick query to the account when you hit the 'clip' button to show a "you clipped from this URL before" shouldn't add materially to the overall time...

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