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  1. When I click the Web Clipper extension in order to clip a page, the Google Chrome Web Clipper shows a small black icon in the middle of the page to indicate that the clipper is loading but the loading never stops, the icon never dissapears and the clip screen never shows. Here is the error I found on the logs page: Now from this error I understand that Evernote thinks I have exceeded my monthly usage quota (I'm on Free plan) but I see on my account overview that I have 8.2 MB (13%) remaining this month of uploads. So what could be the issue here? Also, wouldn't it better if Clipper showed a message box to me telling me that I have exceeded my quota and that it cannot proceed to clipping? This way I would know what's going on without seing the logs. Thanks, Stavros. Edit: The issue was fixed by clearing my browser's cache.
  2. I really don't need anything complicated like popups etc. I just want a checkmark on Evernote Web Clipper's icon to indicate that I have clipped something of this page, anything really. There is also no need to know what I have clipped. Just tell me that I have clipped something on the page and I will search my notes to find out what it is manually.
  3. Hi, I use Evernote Web Clipper to save web articles but sometimes I forget that I have already clipped a certain article and I clip it again, effectively creating note duplicates. So I think it would be great if Evernote Web Clipper had an indication on it's browser icon that I have already clipped a web page, to avoid clipping it again. It just has to look at the web page's url for each clipped article. Thoughts? Thanks, Stavros.
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