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Outlook Clipper picks up wrong email address

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I've loaded a bunch of old PST files in order to move some emails over into Evernote.

A drawback is that no matter which "from" address shows in the email, the clipper only picks up the default email address from the client and uses that. So if the email was sent from john@doe.net it won't list that anywhere. Instead it will show as having come from mycurrent@email.address

Any tips? Workarounds (for a couple of hundreds of emails...)? Or know of another way to get email from either PST or Mbox into Evernote?

Outlook 2016, Evernote 6.8.7

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Could be a workaround but we're talking hundreds of emails; the clipper right away sets the created date to the date of the email. Forwarded email doesn't do that. If I can't find another solution might go for this and use Filterize to set the date created from the date in the email. [update: apparently I already had set a filter in Filterize, hence my clipped email was set to the right creation date]

If this is just how clipper behaves, another one I'm thinking about is to setup a dummy pop3 email server on my computer so I can setup those email addresses in Outlook. Then sort by "sent from" and set the email address in question as default.

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In Outlook 2016, when opening a PST file, clipping those emails will use the default email address from which you sent in Outlook and only that address.

However, if you import the file, clips will shows as "Original Person <original email address> (you default email address)"

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