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(Archived) Using Evernote to remember people.

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Yes, I know it was just posted on the Noteworthy blog, but I would like to use Evernote in a less official settings.

Say I go to a party, and my gf introduced me to three of her friends. I would like to remember them... How would you go and use Evernote for that? I don't think people I barely know will let me take pictures of them with my phone, that's kind of odd. What do you suggest?

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I agree the "Hi, may I take your photo so I'll remember you?" thing is a bit off grid. But for many years, I've used my PDAs & now Evernote for this purpose. (Skipping the photo part.) After going to a business function with my husband, the next day, I'll make notes about the people I met & talked to. Or update notes about people I've met before. I'll make a note about the person my husband knows, their spouse's name & whatever topics we may have discussed. Then the next year (or whenever it is), when I may see that person again, it's nice to be able to read the note so I can ask how their son Alex enjoyed his first year at college. :D Sometimes, just the act of entering this info makes it easier to remember, too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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