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  1. Hello gang, My relationship with Evernote is a rocky one (three years and counting), and most recently I decided to leave EN entirely to try and seek other solutions within the Google Apps. I learned a lot of cool "tricks" while I was away, but I feel this system too has it's drawbacks, and there's room only for one love-hate relationship in my life.. .So I went back to Evernote. There are a few things I would love to see Evernote doing, but probably won't happen. I decided to check out just how realistic it would be to program Evernote, one way or another, to do what I want it to do. Even if I fail, it would still be an interesting (and useful) introduction into programming. I figured. Here is a quick rundown of things I'd like to work on: Color for the notes in the snippet (not the note itself) window: I love color and I sort by color. Lack of color has been one of my biggest issues. Additional hot keys in web view for Evernote, like for inserting a picture, inserting a link, etc. Offline storage for Evernote - so the site can read notes that are saved offline vie the web app. Dynamic Google Drive/Dropbox - Evernote integration: so when I change a document on Google Drive, it changes on Evernote. This should also work with attachments, so the latest attachment is replacing the old one.How hard would these be to do? What is your general consensus about this? From experience, and if you have trick to achieve the above, please let me know!
  2. In the conference, Libin mentioned in passing the four things that supposed to replaced the old archaic systems we use today. It was writing, organizing, (I think), finding, and presenting? Anyone recalls? In the video this part starts with "everybody writes," and then he continues. I'm sitting at a Starbucks with a crappy WiFi and I can't view the video. Can anyone tell me quick? I want to write a post about it. The man has a vision, but he doesn't know how to communicate some of his ideas. Part of it is because people need more breadcrumbs to get to the points he's trying to make, and at other times he just seem to swallow his words and feel nervous about his unsuccessful jokes. I'm not mocking the man, talking in front of an audience is hard! And he strikes me as an introvert. Anyway, if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, please help out!
  3. Any word on being able to insert links via the black balloon that shows up when highlighting text? Or am I totally missing it?
  4. The new interface has many problems, most are missing features which we're used to from the web interface. Since this UI is completely new and not just a few changes here and there, many users are confused and upset that their reliable systems do not work anymore. I think relaxing in general is in order. This is a beta version, which you can easily roll back (click the gear icon at the bottom left). Many features are missing not because Evernote decided to take them out completely, but because they are not supported yet in the new design. These features require more work and coding (I assume) and they will come to the new UI through the different beta versions. As a writer, I love the new interface. It's clean. It gets out of the way. All the font options I want are right under my finger when I highlight a phrase, which allow me to focus on typing only. In the past, writing inside the web client felt so clunky, I decided to use Gmail and send emails into my Evernote account instead. I don't need to know about my notebooks and tags as I write, it's just a distraction. As an organized professional, I hate the new UI. My tags not very helpful, and nested tags are a mess. My notes are no longer organized in helpful little thumbnails, they now blend into the background and make it hard to distinguish. The system is built on a new web design standard that became more popular in the last couple of years, and borrows icons from Apple, which confuses me as a Windows-Google user. Evernote's new UI suffers from a split personality which is also in its heart. It's not fully an organizational app and not really a note-taking app. It's something that meshes somewhere in the middle. I hope that the new Beta will start rolling the new-old features soon (hyperlinks, nested tags) and new-about-time-you-do-it features which are really no brainier. (offline support and keyboard shortcuts). There is one place where it doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a Windows machine, and that's the web. This means that whatever Evernote designs here can be and should be the main product -- no longer the unwanted ugly child in the footsteps of the parent's favorite (Apple) or the other brother (Windows). Perhaps this will also be a change in Evernote philsophy, and how they see their main product. Is it really remember everything, organize everything or record everything? We can't keep being ALL THE THINGS over here.
  5. This is an awesome feature, and thanks for going for Android first. One thing that I was surprised to see though was that the handwriting is not at all integrated with Skitch. There's no way to save the handwriting as an image to be edited by Skitch. While I understand that the handwriting is saved in a way that is not an image (and can be opened again for editing), at least include a feature "export to skitch" or something similar! Currently, the only way to do that, is to export the handwriting as an image, which sends it somewhere deep deep into the phone where the gallery app can't even detect it. I have to manually browse there, find it, open it, and choose to edit in skitch, and then save it into Evernote... crazy. And don't forget that Skitch-created notes are not editable from anywhere else besides the skitch app. Skitch is crucial for handwriting notes because it allows you to label things. Did you try to write something with your finger before? eek. Skitche's arrows and such are also very valuable. Thanks for the consideration!
  6. I am in favor of this feature as well. I managed to have a workaround, using intents... if you guys are interested, it's on my blog ( http://joshrollinswrites.com/my_smartphone_depression_alarm/ ). I hope to see this feature soon, it has been requested for a while.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the Skitch-Evernote sync issues has been resolved (as described here)? Is the black markup button over images in the windows client back?
  8. I just posted this very same request on the Evernote G+ community : https://plus.google.com/+JoshRollins/posts/Q8w7unCJnZk. With me, the case is that I use Wunderlist and I'd like to click on a reference link in the task's note on Wunderlist so it opens in the Evernote app. Right now the only options I have is to open it in the browser (as @analogfire said) on a public create URL which I don't want. If it's not public (copy pasting like URL directly from the EN web app) it will ask for password and user name in browser window, another thing I don't want.
  9. Are you a SwiftKey user? I had the same problem, I turned it off, it works. http://support.swiftkey.net/forums/116693-2-bug-reports/suggestions/4327447-evernote-enter-key-doesn-t-insert-check-box-in-as Don't know about you but I'm going to give the default keyboard a try for a bit.
  10. I'm reviving this thread yet again... I have a windows PC and a chromebook, which filters out most of the app discussed here automatically. I am also pretty comfortable with Evernote itself, because I want to keep a very simple journal: images and fancy formats and emails and reminders and such belong with my projects, not my journal. That's my philosophy for now. I don't want to keep my complicated ideas in the journal. I will probably still use mindmaps for these and develop ideas separately. The philosophy behind my journal (for now) is the 5Ws: Who (did I meet) Where (did I go) What (did I do) Why (did I do what I did) and When (general daily outline by hours). Because I'm a writer and I spend a lot of time writing anyway and separate time on my projects (also in Evernote) I don't want to repeat these in my journal; I just want the "headlines." Managing headlines like that would probably allow me to keep a daily journal or almost daily journal if I want to. Blurbs of information. My issue (seems like this is always my issue) is how to categorize things in the journal. I currently have 100+ notes from two years ago which are just a bunch of thoughts in no order. I need to divide them into things that make more sense, and it's going to be challenging, because if I tag things by certain people or, say, something like money or relationships as a tag, it means that 80% of my notes are going to be tagged this way. We're talking about subtags again which is something I mentioned a week ago in a different post. The idea for now then is to start a week of experiment of daily journaling and see what are the main topics and what tags would fit. My problem is that usually I tend up spending too much time journaling, (I like to ramble in case you haven't noticed) so I'm going to try to put strict time limit on this, which will further aid me also in keeping it a daily habit (because it's quick and simple) So, what are your thoughts regarding this topic?
  11. Andrea: Interesting location system you have. I tried to use Evernote Food before for locations (not just restaurants) and it was pretty nice since it uses Foursquare's data base for places, however, since Evernote dropped it's map support on Android (you can't being up a map as an option when looking at multiple notes) it's even more annoying to use Evernote for locations and I gave up. I'm much more of a visual person and I need the map, tags with name of locations mean very little to me, personally. Today I use Foursquare itself to check into locations and Google Maps. The only locations I have are those that has to do with places I do work for, and these are specifics (like home, office, class, etc.) BnF: Nice to hear from you, you're like an Evernote celeb here My main notebook is "Memory Bank" which has 1000+ notes compared to other notebooks which have no more than a hundred, I think. I recently "purged" Evernote from past years and exported notes so I have less now. Interesting strategy with the people notes. I tend to give close people nicknames, to the tags are very powerful category in itself. I also have shared notebooks with these people, so I have BOTH a tag and a notebook, which make sense because not all notes that has to do with these people are notes I share with them (journal notes, for example, or a surprise gift ideas, etc.) Interesting about the misspelling as well. Think I have this covered though because my tags are either nicknames or stuff like "mom" or "sis" so I'm not worried about this. However, I am going to create another meta-tag for work connections and these people I might forget the name. But in this case, having the name spelled correctly a the tag helps me remember the person. I can ask myself "who was that person who called me about that job two months ago...?" and like you with people notes, I'd go to my meta-tag of professional contacts and make a search there with a time range, and the tag with the right notes will show me the name, and I will be like "oh yeah! duh!" I don't remember names very well, but like you, if I use a certain software often or a service or what not, it will become a sort of a verb. For example, Evernote is already a very on a daily basis for me. I would actually tell my friend "Ok, so I sent last night and evernoted this conversation, and here is what I came up with..." so I could have a note like "deadspace" which is a computer game, but it me it means horror fiction, for example. These tags are powerful because I will not forget what they mean and they are also very specific for my needs. I'm still trying to figure out how to figure out technology related stuff. Not sure how to tag wifi passwords, HTML and CSS bits of cods, network settings etc because they are all over the place. Too much would fall under "computer stuff." It belongs more under individual categories, like network setting under "home" and wifi password under the person the password belongs to, such as my mom's wifi or my friend, under their tags. benson: wow you must have lots of tags. I'd get lost in not time. If this works for you this is good... for me personally, if I have a tag for the person and then a specific project I do for them or with them, the tag would not mean much after the project is gone. I much rather have as much as I can of a project in one note that is tagged under that person with a good title, which the note text itself will have the information I need to find it later. For example, I could remember I had power of attorney over some of my mom stuff regarding a bank policy two years from now. So I will look under my mother's tag, and search for power of attorney + the name of the bank and this will be good enough, especially if it's all in one note. Same goes for your location tags (thanks for sharing, btw). In my case most of it will be in NYC, and then that will go into subtags of the areas, and sometimes I just don't know the name of the neighborhood anyway and finding it out won't do me any good in finding the place in the future (because I won't remember the neighborhood's name). Hope this makes sense... Analyst: wow, thanks for taking me so seriously. This will probably be a long response. Interesting suggestion. I have a few issues with it: first, it would be one loooooooong note. I save pictures, notes, files and screenshots and I feel this will get out of hand. For example, one of my partners just went out on a trip over seas and we shared a notebook for the pictures. I have all of these tagged now, 28 total. All of these in one note might be too big already for a single note, not to mention slow loading time.. you get my point. The other issue is that I use my android phone mostly for quick updates, and it doesn't' come with adding a line option or a date stamp. Further, these actually "handicap" the note on my phone because I get the yellow comment that some of the note formatting can't be loaded. WWWW is beneficial halfway. I already use Who (people tag) and Where (location tags) but as for What and Why, it's a bit more tricky. What, I feel, is more of a note title than a tag (you say it's an overkill to use these notes for all and I agree), but a combination of what and why as a title could be helpful. For example, "receipt for domain registration" or "stuff to buy at GNC to keep healthy" it might sound silly, but something like "healthy" is a good keyword to associate this note with, as well as domain registration and receipt. Thanks for the suggestion (and 5)We seem to agree here. Yes, I like to use titles for that, and I even use abbreviations. For example, I have many quick lesson plans, so I start these notes with the title LP (for lesson plan) followed by the major topic of it in a short sentence, like LP: independence day. These are kind of tags in themselves, and might sound redundant, but they are more flexible and I don't like having too many tags. It just looks cleaner to me. I hope to be able to have more of these. I like your idea here. I already implemented the change: got rid of my project notebooks (which got me lost and less organized, to be honest) and went back to have a note for each project. This is actually much better in an unexpected way: reminders. Now I can have a whole "project" as a reminder, and all the info is right there. The title tells me what the project is, and maybe I could change a word in the title considering my "next action" item. For example, "fix computer: research video card" and then it would be "fix computer: buy video card." for example. It doesn't have to be on this level all the time, but I can see where it will become very useful, especially for quick glances on my Android reminder widget. Once again, thanks. May: I respectably disagree with you there. While I do like how you tag notes (topic and what is it), having too many tags is often my problem. Perhaps because I tend to look at my tags to find a note rather than use the tags in search. The biggest issue for me is having more than one tag doing the same things. For example, I have a "writing" and "fiction" tags. many of my writing ideas fall under both, as well as my research for my stories, so they are basically not there for me, because they don't really provide any useful filter, they are too general. So instead I now have "ideas" specifically for writing ideas, and I'm actually changing it to something even more specific (I get ideas that aren't just writing) and I'm getting rid of fiction all together, because I write fiction. I like having less tags. Since I use titles more in search, I think that, as a "tag", makes more sense to me. But thanks for the feedback, it makes me realize more why I like titles Thanks guys! I'd love ot hear more responses!
  12. This is just a quick thank you to everyone. I'm preparing a more thorough reply and hopefully get everyone in it. Thanks a lot, tons to think about! Keep it coming
  13. How to tag in Evernote is a huge topic (and has many threads here) so I'm going to try to narrow this down a bit. The tagging philosophy that has been working for me for a while now falls into two groups of tags: locations and people. A rule of thumb for me is that any person that gets three to five notes in my system usually deserves a "promotion" into a tag, and this has been working great. Similarly, places that I create notes for (in my place, I teach in two places, so I have two tags, then there's one for the school I study in) get a tag after 3 to 5 notes as well. Again, great success. I only have three tags under locations and about ten under people. As I worked more with the tags though, I learned that some people (especially my significant others) have too many notes (for me this means usually beyond 30 notes) I need to organize under that name. Same goes for location tag. So I'm looking into expending in a way and creating subtags that make sense, but I'm not sure what these are yet. What do you guys think? Another issue are all the notes that don't get tags. I have many of these. For example my general computer stuff: a picture of my serial number, a hint for a wifi password at my sister's place, my printer model. This doesn't really fit into any location or person (even though in this case the wifi note does get my sister's tag), but still, I have a lot of notes in that general category - I am just not sure how to call it. Whatever I come up with I forget and I usually end up looking for keywords I remember from inside the note anyway. Many people in the G+ productivity community I'm a member of (and here) also swear by different "action" tags. This is another category in itself, especially now with reminders that sometimes become a note worth saving. I don't like action tags because they are too dynamic. Changing from "to do" to "done" is a daunting task when you have to do it more than ten times a day. I tend to fall into the notebook per project group, but then I have an issue of when to create a notebook (when does a "thing" become a project?) I don't think you need to tag everything (as a matter of fact I like GrumpyMonkey's philosophy for titles, and I use it quite a bit), but I do want to create a couple of more categories to help me find things. What do you guys think?
  14. Hi everyone, a two quick questions. (Sorry if they were asked, there are a lot of pages and the search doesn't bring up any results from this forum/ ) What are the beta hotkeys? Where can I find them? Especially for reminders I can see the reminders in each notebook; is there a way to see ALL reminders in ALL notebooks at once? Lastly, this is not really a question but wondering how people work: I often create reminders via the phone and these, as you know, create empty notes. Is there a way to delete the reminders WITH the notes? How do you people work around it, assuming that some of the reminders you use don't really need to be a note to begin with? Thanks!!
  15. Don't feel bad Gazumped, I was blind too! It's right there... when you hit the saved search (and you see your results on the screen) just click the menu (three little vertical squares) and add to home screen should be there. Tried it today and it worked. I teach and originally I wanted all my lesson plans from the last months tagged under the school I'm working at to be saved as an advanced searched. I now have it. I can have a button on my Android that takes me straight there, to my work documents. It is so awesome. Thanks again, Denise!
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