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  1. Any word on being able to insert links via the black balloon that shows up when highlighting text? Or am I totally missing it?
  2. The new interface has many problems, most are missing features which we're used to from the web interface. Since this UI is completely new and not just a few changes here and there, many users are confused and upset that their reliable systems do not work anymore. I think relaxing in general is in order. This is a beta version, which you can easily roll back (click the gear icon at the bottom left). Many features are missing not because Evernote decided to take them out completely, but because they are not supported yet in the new design. These features require more work and coding (I assume) and they will come to the new UI through the different beta versions. As a writer, I love the new interface. It's clean. It gets out of the way. All the font options I want are right under my finger when I highlight a phrase, which allow me to focus on typing only. In the past, writing inside the web client felt so clunky, I decided to use Gmail and send emails into my Evernote account instead. I don't need to know about my notebooks and tags as I write, it's just a distraction. As an organized professional, I hate the new UI. My tags not very helpful, and nested tags are a mess. My notes are no longer organized in helpful little thumbnails, they now blend into the background and make it hard to distinguish. The system is built on a new web design standard that became more popular in the last couple of years, and borrows icons from Apple, which confuses me as a Windows-Google user. Evernote's new UI suffers from a split personality which is also in its heart. It's not fully an organizational app and not really a note-taking app. It's something that meshes somewhere in the middle. I hope that the new Beta will start rolling the new-old features soon (hyperlinks, nested tags) and new-about-time-you-do-it features which are really no brainier. (offline support and keyboard shortcuts). There is one place where it doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a Windows machine, and that's the web. This means that whatever Evernote designs here can be and should be the main product -- no longer the unwanted ugly child in the footsteps of the parent's favorite (Apple) or the other brother (Windows). Perhaps this will also be a change in Evernote philsophy, and how they see their main product. Is it really remember everything, organize everything or record everything? We can't keep being ALL THE THINGS over here.
  3. This is an awesome feature, and thanks for going for Android first. One thing that I was surprised to see though was that the handwriting is not at all integrated with Skitch. There's no way to save the handwriting as an image to be edited by Skitch. While I understand that the handwriting is saved in a way that is not an image (and can be opened again for editing), at least include a feature "export to skitch" or something similar! Currently, the only way to do that, is to export the handwriting as an image, which sends it somewhere deep deep into the phone where the gallery app can't even detect it. I have to manually browse there, find it, open it, and choose to edit in skitch, and then save it into Evernote... crazy. And don't forget that Skitch-created notes are not editable from anywhere else besides the skitch app. Skitch is crucial for handwriting notes because it allows you to label things. Did you try to write something with your finger before? eek. Skitche's arrows and such are also very valuable. Thanks for the consideration!
  4. I am in favor of this feature as well. I managed to have a workaround, using intents... if you guys are interested, it's on my blog ( http://joshrollinswrites.com/my_smartphone_depression_alarm/ ). I hope to see this feature soon, it has been requested for a while.
  5. I just posted this very same request on the Evernote G+ community : https://plus.google.com/+JoshRollins/posts/Q8w7unCJnZk. With me, the case is that I use Wunderlist and I'd like to click on a reference link in the task's note on Wunderlist so it opens in the Evernote app. Right now the only options I have is to open it in the browser (as @analogfire said) on a public create URL which I don't want. If it's not public (copy pasting like URL directly from the EN web app) it will ask for password and user name in browser window, another thing I don't want.
  6. I'm reviving this thread yet again... I have a windows PC and a chromebook, which filters out most of the app discussed here automatically. I am also pretty comfortable with Evernote itself, because I want to keep a very simple journal: images and fancy formats and emails and reminders and such belong with my projects, not my journal. That's my philosophy for now. I don't want to keep my complicated ideas in the journal. I will probably still use mindmaps for these and develop ideas separately. The philosophy behind my journal (for now) is the 5Ws: Who (did I meet) Where (did I go) What (did I do) Why (did I do what I did) and When (general daily outline by hours). Because I'm a writer and I spend a lot of time writing anyway and separate time on my projects (also in Evernote) I don't want to repeat these in my journal; I just want the "headlines." Managing headlines like that would probably allow me to keep a daily journal or almost daily journal if I want to. Blurbs of information. My issue (seems like this is always my issue) is how to categorize things in the journal. I currently have 100+ notes from two years ago which are just a bunch of thoughts in no order. I need to divide them into things that make more sense, and it's going to be challenging, because if I tag things by certain people or, say, something like money or relationships as a tag, it means that 80% of my notes are going to be tagged this way. We're talking about subtags again which is something I mentioned a week ago in a different post. The idea for now then is to start a week of experiment of daily journaling and see what are the main topics and what tags would fit. My problem is that usually I tend up spending too much time journaling, (I like to ramble in case you haven't noticed) so I'm going to try to put strict time limit on this, which will further aid me also in keeping it a daily habit (because it's quick and simple) So, what are your thoughts regarding this topic?
  7. A related question -- Can I trust TimeMachine to automatically backup my Evernote backup? Assuming I have the HDD wiped clean and no internet connection to download my files from the website, can I use TimeMachine to restore Evernote data, or do I need to create an anex file manually? I can't find the "containers" folder in my Library directory.
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