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Evernote Handwriting With Windows



I am an avid Evernote user! I am switching to a Window 10 tablet from my android tablet only to discover no Handwriting available with Evernote! 

Please ,Please  have your team incorporate this into Evernote! I do not want to switch everything over to One Note and Outlook. I will not use two different Task programs! Please as quick as you can develop a handwriting note to be used with pens on windows tablets and computers. 



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Hi.  I'm sure handwriting support is on a list somewhere,  but you must realise that there are thousands of requests outstanding for searching,  sorting, formatting and layout features - plus a few annoying bugs that don't seem to go away...  Evernote won't (usually) comment on whether or when a feature will be released,  but you can safely assume that handwriting won't be with us any time soon.  You might be better off looking for apps that accept handwritten input,  and have file formats that can be attached to Evernote notes.  Then,  wherever you are,  you should be able to open that file on any computer that supports the same app.

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In Windows Evernote app, please add ability to ink multi-page notes and take and insert photos (of projected slides, for example) with device's camera during note taking session.   I use Surface with Surface pen to take lecture notes, and these features would make Evernote competitive with OneNote.   

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