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  1. No. This is for a windows tablet. The new Samsung Book 10.6.
  2. Evernote Team, It would be Great if you could make a Pinning option available for a Ink Note or any of the New Note formats to the Task bar in Outlook. This way when you are using the tablet to take notes you could very quickly start a new note. Unless you have a better way to make it a quick access. On my Android Tablet I have a Blank Hand writing note pined to my home screen for quick access to the hand writing. Thanks, Bob
  3. I am an avid Evernote user! I am switching to a Window 10 tablet from my android tablet only to discover no Handwriting available with Evernote! Please ,Please have your team incorporate this into Evernote! I do not want to switch everything over to One Note and Outlook. I will not use two different Task programs! Please as quick as you can develop a handwriting note to be used with pens on windows tablets and computers. Thanks!
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