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New Update changes "-" to Bullet Point



Ever since the newest update to Evernote, all of my dashes ("-") are changing to bullet point lists. I DESPISE THIS. Using dashes in my lists has just been something that I've done my whole life, and this makes it incredibly annoying to have to use bullet points or double dashes just to make a list. If I wanted bullet points, I would simply select them in the formatting section.

I imagine my one complaint will not make this change, but I need to make my grievances clear.

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I'm having the same issue.  

- I frequently type quick lists with items like this
- I don't need them to convert to bullet points
- I can't figure out how to stop it

When I take Gazumpeds advice, I see in the desktop version of Evernote the Tools > Options > Note > Note Editing Options area

That lists options like:'

  • Automatically format text elements
  • Start a numbered list with "1." or a bulleted list with "#" 
  • Insert an unchecked checkbox with "[]" or a checked checkbox with "[x]"
  • Insert a horizontal rule with "---" or "***"  

So, that looks pretty close.  

What I don't see is something like: "Start a bulleted list with "- " which is what's happening.  

Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this for Jakel and I ? 


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I totally agree. It was aggravating enough to google for the solution and important enough to log in here to replay. Feels like unchecking the "Start a numbered list with "1." or (...)" thing does the trick. At least partially. It disables whole function completely. Maybe its unfortunate consequence of some design choice early on, tho I would still expect it to be better implemented into options, so we don't have to lose numbering due to this option.

It would be quality change for people like us, who just make a lot of fast bullet-point notes. Being able to write without being thrown off the clarity of the list by monstrous dot happening before frail letters every time we just want to make s fast addition to the list. If someone knows something we don't, thinking "why those guys have this problem, its so obvious to solve"... Just please, comment. 

PS/Afterthought: changing the font might helps a bit with clarity, but stills devours the space, so it wont work for me, but might work for u.

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On 12/8/2017 at 5:55 PM, jakelmitchell said:

I imagine my one complaint will not make this change

Hi.  The complaint shouldn't be necessary - there's a setting you can change to switch that off.  Not sure exactly what it looks like in your current version,  but here's a recent screenshot (not mine - apologies to whomever I stole it from...


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