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  1. Syncing works fine on the current app version. The sync issue only occurs on legacy desktop app
  2. I've tried dragging and dropping the images. I've also tried adding them with the "Attach Files..." menu option. Not sure what you mean by "duplicates". The problem is that all the text in the notes syncs but only the images don't sync to other devices.
  3. I submitted a support ticket. They confirmed that multiple windows is no longer possible after the recent update. But there's an official legacy desktop app that still includes multiple window functionality. It's available here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 But unfortunately the legacy version produces sync errors whenever I attach images
  4. How can I open more than one evernote window? (And I'm not talking about single-note windows, I mean full app windows with the sidebars.) I work in multiple OSX desktop spaces and require an Evernote window in each space. After upgrading to version 10.15.6-mac this seems impossible. I used to be able to open a new window from the app's file menu but that option is no longer present. I can't find this option anywhere.
  5. I have a similar issue: Although I like the auto-list functionality, I hate bullet characters. Is it possible to retain the other auto-list characteristics (i.e. the hanging indent) but use a hyphen or en-dash character instead of a bullet character? And why does every list sub-level have a different leading character? That's totally unnecessary and just creates a distracting visual mess. Is there any way to customize the list styling? Googledocs has a great solution for this. If I start a line with a dash it automatically creates a list with leading dashes; if I start a line with a bullet character then it will create a list with leading bullets.
  6. My iPad app does correspond to your screenshot, but you must be using a different desktop app than I am because "tags" is right there in my sidebar below "notes" and "notebooks". I'm using Evernote (6.12.3) which it says is the current version. ...and btw isn't that second-to-last icon in your desktop sidebar a "tags" icon?? It's right above the trash--same general location where mine appears
  7. By "browse" I just mean navigate through all my notes on the basis of tags as a primary navigation, rather than using tags merely to filter the contents of other views. It's possible and very obvious in the desktop app, as I explain here:
  8. IMO the process you describe defeats the purpose of tags for me. Often I want to start my search by tag not be notebook. For example, I have a a notebook for each project. Within those projects I'll often have a note dedicated to the project presentation session, so I'll tag that note as a "presentation". Very often I'll want to see an overview of all my presentations, so I want to search purely by tag and independent of notebooks. The main reason I use tags is specifically for making such links between *different* notebooks, not within one notebook. Thanks to DTLow I now see that I can select the notebook icon in the sidebar, then select "all notes", then go into the tag filter dropdown, and then finally navigate all my notes by tag. Since I use tags as a primary navigation tool this seems pretty convoluted to me but at least it works. It would be much more obvious if there was simply a "tags" icon in the primary nav sidebar to take one directly to a tag menu, which is in fact the case in the desktop app. IMO this discrepancy in UI between the desktop app and the iPad app is very misleading as it forces the user to adopt completely different search flows on different devices for no apparent reason. When you train your users to do one thing on your desktop app and then defeat that expectation on your tablet app, that's a recipe for user frustration and very inefficient work flow.
  9. Thanks! I see it. Seems very counter-intuitive to have to go through a notebook menu in order to search by tag. This is something I never would have expected. but at least it's possible.
  10. Is there any way to search tags across all notebooks? The main reason I use tags is to cross reference notes in different notebooks, not to search within 1 single notebook.
  11. There's still no way to browse tags on iPad. How many years?
  12. I'm having the same problem. I just updated the app and that tag filter button doesn't show up. I can't find any way to see a complete list of all my tags. This basically renders tags unusable. Correction: I can can add tags to individual notes (as DTLow describes above) and in that operation I can choose from a list of all tags. But when searching there's no way to access the tags list, note is there any way to browse the notes by tag.
  13. Oh I see you have to go to the "view" menu in the menu bar in order to see the window of notebooks. Oddly the desktop app has no button to show that view. very awkward.
  14. Right clicking on the notebook name in the dropdown list of notebooks has no effect. Am I missing something?
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