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Table properties feature removed??

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I updated Evernote this morning. Then I went to format a table -- specifically, to change its line color.  I right-clicked to go to "Table properties"...and that option was no longer there . I'm *hoping* that this means it has been moved somewhere (as opposed to an "update" having removed features), but I'm damned if I can find it. Does anybody know where to look?  Thank you.

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4 hours ago, Caladrio said:

specifically, to change its line color.

I usually select the text, then select the colour5a1afa38467f7_ScreenShot2017-11-20at12_25_26.png.ca85c32fbb47067be4d0dab0f48ee45f.png

The recent upgrades did include significant table changes

Theres a caret in the cell giving some colour options


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Thanks very much for the response.That changes the cell background, but not the line color. I want to keep the cell the same color it already is, but to change the line color. This was an option via the standard Evernote right-click menu, via the "Tables" option. It's not there any more.

It was nice of you to take the time to include the screen-caps. I appreciate the help.

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