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  1. Thanks very much for the response.That changes the cell background, but not the line color. I want to keep the cell the same color it already is, but to change the line color. This was an option via the standard Evernote right-click menu, via the "Tables" option. It's not there any more. It was nice of you to take the time to include the screen-caps. I appreciate the help.
  2. I updated Evernote this morning. Then I went to format a table -- specifically, to change its line color. I right-clicked to go to "Table properties"...and that option was no longer there . I'm *hoping* that this means it has been moved somewhere (as opposed to an "update" having removed features), but I'm damned if I can find it. Does anybody know where to look? Thank you.
  3. Always encouraging when you search to see if there's a way to do something fairly essential...only to find the same request has been been falling on deaf ears...FOR FIVE. YEARS. Sigh. I suppose the rationalization that most people don't have high-res screens was...more or less sane in 2012. It certainly isn't in November 2017. I can honestly say that by far the most annoying thing about using a very large screen is having to constantly lean across the table to squint at my list of notes in Evernote. Let's face it, we use that list constantly. It should not be extremely difficult to do so, and with every passing month, the number of users finding themselves doing this increases. HD, ultra wide screens, 4k -- you may have noticed that these things are EVERYWHERE now. And they all represent people for whom whom Evernote is becoming extremely hard to use. Well...see you in 2022 (if my eyes haven't been worn out by all the squinting...). M. PS Alternatively, couldn't you just make the zoom feature that we use for the notes themselves apply to the program icons?
  4. Thanks very much to both of you. I am as yet unversed in AppleScript, but looking at yours as an example may be just the spark I needed, DTLow. But as a fix that's not dependent on my as yet nonexistent skill with that, Keyboard Maestro sounds to be just the thing. So thanks very much, JMichaelTX!
  5. Hello. I have a sort of index at the top of all my Evernote pages that allows me to navigate between various "landing pages" -- tables of contents linking to other notes. It looks like this. Each item links either to another note or to a website. Since I paste it at the top of every page, it would be very useful if I could have a shortcut for it in a text expander. Does anyone know of a text expander that would support this? It's a simple, single-row Evernote table with background color and links. My impression was that Typinator could retain the links, but not the table format. But maybe I'm wrong. Keyboard Maestro, maybe? Does anybody have any experience with this? Thanks very much in advance. Michael
  6. One more vote here. It seems likely that recent political events will increase interest in privacy all round (not just VPNs). Brave works really, really well, and as more people try it, it will get bigger. As people switch browsers, let's hope they don't also switch to one of Evernote's burgeoning alternatives! The web clipper is pretty crucial part of Evernote....
  7. That's hilarious and infuriating! Maybe Evernote is taking kickbacks from the ever-powerful Anger Management Therapy cartel? Absurdity much appreciated. Many thanks for sharing it!
  8. On the Mac, it's extremely temperamental (read: unpredictable and frustrating). I have the same row of links at the top of each page, to allow for quick navigation. As @tardis observed, you can change the color of each link, one at a time. But there are situations where you changed links A through F orange (for example), but when you turn G orange, A reverts to its original color. But when you highlight it, the color GUI indicates that it is still orange. You end up more or less trying random things until it works, and never quite understand how you got there. On top of that, even once you've wrestled the whole row of links into uniformity, if you copy that row, then paste it at the top of a blank page, there are times when the pasted version will revert to Jarring Rainbow mode, and you're back to square one. It's great fun.
  9. Nice to hear I'm not the only one with such concerns. The thing is, they do have default colors -- just different defaults on different platforms. Which kind of defeats the purpose of defaults in the first place or, at best, stops short of carrying the purpose through. But I'm told the different platforms are slouching toward consistency, so...I will commence not holding my breath.
  10. At this stage, I think that tablets and handheld devices (and probably the web version) having less functionality than the desktop versions is pretty understandable. I wouldn't expect uniformity between desktop and handheld until the handheld devices become way more powerful. Plus, with limited screen size, certain functions simply become irrelevant.
  11. Thanks! While "not overnight" strikes me as a massive understatement , I guess if cross-platform consistency has only recently become more of a priority, then, yes, they've not had a lot of time, and there's clearly a lot on their plate (also an understatement). But it's good to hear that it has become more of a priority. I think Evernote will benefit enormously from that. I just hope that the general rule will be to add features to the platforms missing them, rather than eliminating features for the sake of uniformity. I really appreciate the reply/background! M.
  12. Thanks! In general (I suppose there must be a thread about this, but it's relevant here...), does anybody have a sense of why some functions are available in one platform but not the other? In this case, it's not like OS X somehow can't allow the function. Does Evernote think that Mac users and PC users just don't want the same things (and even then, it's not like the "two groups" don't overlap substantially). Do the developers from different platforms not communicate? Do they just disagree about what users should and shouldn't be able to do? Are there factions?! I'm being a little sarcastic, but I feel like this...lack of desire to offer the same tools to different platforms has been going on for many years, and I just don't understand it. It ends up making the product look a little arbitrary, and the company look a little disorganized. I can easily imagine a user being annoyed that a function they're used to having available is suddenly not an option, because they're using a different platform. But I really CAN'T imagine a user being...annoyed by the presence of an option they don't happen to use. In other words, what harm would it do? Obviously, I'm no longer talking just about a fairly trivial show/hide function, but about the underlying principle that accounts for many such inconsistencies.
  13. Like many Evernote users, I use note links a LOT. Many of my most used pages have a dozen or more note links, often in bold. At home I use Evernote for Mac, and at work I use the Web version (on a PC). When I create note links on Evernote for Mac, it uses a different shade of green from that of the note links I create using the web. The problem is compounded by the fact that (for reasons that elude me) Evernote makes links to websites blue, and links to notes green (for me the text of the links is sufficient to tell me where they go, without introducing a third color). So now the links in my notes have three colors (and the blue really doesn't belong on the same palette as the green). Their utility is not impaired, but they are really, really, REALLY ugly, because the color jumps around all over the place, depending on where I happened to be when I created each link, and whether the link goes to another note or to a website. Note link created in Evernote via Web: Link to note Note link created in Evernote for Mac: Link to note Link to website: https://www.google.com (The blue, when I pasted it from Evernote, turned green here, so I have used the color formatting function in the user forum to approximate the blue). Hopefully the three colors show up here. As I type this, the difference is visible. So my problem is that, because of this rather arbitrary decision that the default note link colors should not match between the two platforms and, on top of that, that note links and URL link colors must clash, my notes are...a mess. You see those links at the top of this page, Forums, Activities, My Activity Streams, etc.? Well, imagine if there were 2-3 times that number of links, and that they arbitrarily switched between two shades of green and a rather childishly garish shade of blue. You're trying to give your pages a consistent, quiet aesthetic, and you're stuck with a random mess of arbitrary colors. Putting aside the question of WHY these colors need to be different at all (only Evernote knows what the advantages of this might be), can anybody tell me how I can change a group of note links (some generated on the web, some in EN for Mac) and web links so that they are one uniform shade of green (no matter what platform I use to view the page)? Thanks very much! If anybody can tell me how to do this, you will be SUBSTANTIALLY improving my life!! Michael
  14. I see that PC users have the option to show/hide the notes list, but I can't find that command for the Mac. A shortcut would be nice but, to be clear, it's not just a shortcut I can't find, but the command itself. I can find show/hide sidebar (complete with shortcut), but not the note list. Can anybody help? Thanks! Michael
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