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export of evernote notes includes tag hierarchy

rhys hammond



I have several thousand tags that have been heavily nested/organised into a hierarchy that I want to ensure are recoverable in the event of accidental deletion/corruption which propagated back to the Evernote servers. I realise my tags are not lost, I am referring to the hierarchy of the tags themselves.

Currently, exporting notes via the native tool in Evernote does not save the hierarchy of tags. I am not aware of any other way to protect this tag hierarchy. I would like to request that a solution is developed so we can protect our tag hierarchies.

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I have the same need. Evernote support for backup / restore is very poor: anyone making a serious commitment to Evernote will be thinking about backups and DR and wondering how they're going to restore the last good backup of the tag hierarchy they've built, in the event of corruption / accidental deletion.


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