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  1. Agree with everything written by Richard. I also use Linux for work (as well as Windows and a MacBook) - the web client needs to be functional, not just for Linux but also for situations where you cannot (or don't want to) install the full-fat client. I can't see a single reason why the web client cannot be as functional as the local client (leaving aside local storage of notes, of course). Tagging and building tag hierarchies is a fundamental part of most peoples' Evernote workflow, partly because EN doesn't give you a good alternative but also because EN (and the community of EN advocates) encourages us to work this way. Tag hierarchies and saved searches are the only way to create and evolve effective workflows - the new web UI seems to ignore this. Overall, the new web client appears to be a triumph of form over function: it suggests to me that decision-making in Evernote (the company) is now dominated by marketing and branding people. They seem to be more concerned with a superficial refresh of the web UI and pushing branded accessories than making thoughtful, meaningful changes which reflect real usage. I really, really want to commit to Evernote more fully but this worries me.
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