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Highlighting Text Using Ctrl + Mouse



Hi Evernote Friends,

I noticed that it's not possible to highlight/select multiple, disparate segments of text using the Ctrl button + the mouse in Evernote for Windows (and in the Mac version, too, I believe).  This feature is available in most Microsoft applications, like Word, Outlook, and Excel, and it would be very helpful in Evernote as well.  For example, I often create section headers throughout my notes and I currently have to select them individually and change their font sizes (and color, etc.) one by one.  It would be much more convenient to select all of my section headers using Ctrl + the mouse and then edit the text for all of them at once.

Perhaps it is possible to perform this function using a different keyboard shortcut, but I'm not aware of it.  And, to be clear, I do not wish to select all the text between to points using the Shift + mouse function.  Instead, I want to select only certain, nonconsecutive words throughout my notes.



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Hi.  There are several threads running on the theme of Evernote not providing various layout tools for text.  It generally seems that the company provide a basic note-taking engine with limited layout possibilities and assume that users will go to full-on word-processing software if they require more.  (Your WP files can be attached to notes,  and can be opened and edited from a note,  so relying on another app is not a big step.)

The content from WP software can also be copy/ pasted into Evernote and will (usually) retain its formatting there,  even the aspects not actually supported by Evernote like layout and line spacing.

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