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  1. Thanks, DTLow! I hope that Evernote makes the reminder view available for stacks at some point, but this definitely works as a substitute. Thanks again.
  2. Hi All, Since upgrading to version 10 for Windows I haven't found a way to view all notes within a notebook stack that have an active reminder. Prior to upgrading to version 10, this was possible by highlighting a notebook stack name in the sidebar and selecting the "Snippet" view. By doing that, my reminders would display at the top of the note list, broken out by notebook, and they could easily be collapsed or expanded by clicking each notebook header in the list. Please see my screenshot for an example. I have attempted to create a search to reproduce this functionality in version 10, but it doesn't hit the mark. By using the syntax reminderOrder:* stack:"notebook stack name", I can see a list of all notes within my stack that have ever had a reminder (current and complete). But, I can't find a way to filter down to see only the notes with a current reminder. I didn't see this functionality listed on Evernote's list of upcoming fixes, but I may have missed it somewhere. This isn't a deal breaker, given that it's still possible to view reminders by clicking an individual notebook. However, it sure was helpful for getting an overview of all my "to dos" for a given collection of work. For example, if I wanted to see my reminders for all of my school projects, I'd quickly jump to my "School" stack, which contains all of my school-related notebooks, and I could easily view all of my reminders at the top of my list. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Or, maybe am I simply missing something? Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Evernote Friends, I noticed that it's not possible to highlight/select multiple, disparate segments of text using the Ctrl button + the mouse in Evernote for Windows (and in the Mac version, too, I believe). This feature is available in most Microsoft applications, like Word, Outlook, and Excel, and it would be very helpful in Evernote as well. For example, I often create section headers throughout my notes and I currently have to select them individually and change their font sizes (and color, etc.) one by one. It would be much more convenient to select all of my section headers using Ctrl + the mouse and then edit the text for all of them at once. Perhaps it is possible to perform this function using a different keyboard shortcut, but I'm not aware of it. And, to be clear, I do not wish to select all the text between to points using the Shift + mouse function. Instead, I want to select only certain, nonconsecutive words throughout my notes. Thanks! Geoff
  4. This would be great. I've been using this feature in Evernote for windows for some time now and it's extremely helpful for quickly differentiating between different notebooks (and tags!). It would be great to have this option on my Mac, too.
  5. I would like to request that the Reminder List be made available for all note sorting views in Evernote for Windows. I've attached a screenshot of the list to which I'm referring. Currently, it is not possible to view reminders above notes in the Top List or Side List views - instead, it's available only in the Snippet View, Card View, and Thumbnail View. In contrast, it is possible to view reminders at the top of the Side List view on the Mac OS version (although, the top list on Mac doesn't allow for viewing the reminder list, either). This is a small inconvenience, but because I use both the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote, I've been puzzled by it for a while. Having this option would be great! If anyone has made this request already, I apologize for the duplicate. Thanks!
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