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Android: App disables automatically

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I installed the app on a Samsung S6, install the widget and can use Evernote with no restrictions. But after a few minutes/hours it disables, widget disappears and I have to go to the play store to ENABLE the app again. This happens all the time, I have re installed the app several times, reboot the phone, etc.

Model: SM-G920I


Kernel 3.10.61-8013872


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Hi.  I'm using a Samsung Note 4 without problems and I know of users with other models of Samsung phone that don't seem to have issues.  Is there anything non-standard about your app launcher,  or is the app installed on the SD card rather than internal memory?

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Just yesterday I had the same problem. After editing one note, these things that hgalilea says, started in my device. No solution was found in any EN forum, blog or webpage. Just uninstall and reinstall EN Android App. Therefore last paragraphs that I had added to my note on my Moto G (XT1032 - 1st generation, 8GB) have disappeared now. All texts from a very important conference have gone!

Just for future updates: keep EN local data inside our devices. It could be there is no synchronization and crashing App at the same time. Therefore, you should give the option for repair EN App or something similar, no just only uninstall+install and lost all the data which have not been synchronized with the EN cloud previously.

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Three main points -

  1. If you're editing a long note on a mobile device,  use a word-processor app to create (or edit) the content and attach the file to your Evernote Note (or open from the note and then re-save to the device / re-attach to the note) - that way you have a backup if you're away from a home wifi connection and have any connection problems.
  2. Sync your data frequently,  and if you lose any content,  report the full circumstances to Evernote - contact them directly if you're a paying customer on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or tweet them if not via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps.  You can also post your issue here,  but please confirm the OS and Evernote versions involved and any non-standard setup on your device,  plus a full explanation of what happened and what was lost.
  3. You'll inevitably be asked to uninstall / reinstall the app,  and whether or not you've checked for your content by
    3.1) signing in to Evernote.com on a desktop;
    3.2) searching for the 'lost' content by keyword; 
    3.3) checking for the note(s) in your Conflicting Edit and Trash Folders.
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