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Anchor links fail from 6.54 to 6.75



Using Evernote API I have been building a service that create HTML anchor links in notes.  The links stopped working after a recent upgrade to 6.75 Public.  My laptop is on 6.54 and the links work fine.  

Is this a bug that will be fixed in 6.8?

The anchors look like

<a name='anchor'>Destination</a>

and the links look like

<a href='file:///#anchor'>Link to Destination</a>

Might have used double quotes instead of single, but otherwise, this is the structure. 

Not sure what is causing it not to work in 6.75.

Windows version is

For 6.75 = Windows 10 Home version 1607

For 6.54 = Windows 10 Pro version 1703


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Hi Troy.  As you may know we're a -mainly- user-supported forum.  Evernote developers do read these posts,  but don't usually comment on individual queries - and this one is pretty much outside our remit unless someone else is working on similar code. 

You could raise it as a support query - you can reach them on Twitter https://twitter.com/evernotehelps  - or you could try the developers forum at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/evernote

Good luck with the app  I'll be watching with interest...

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