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Clip website in reader mode

Vincent Wong


I use Evernote predominantly as a web clipper and I dread using iOS to clip notes as there’s no way to automatically simplify formatting as the desktop version. iOS however, has Reader mode for webpages so please consider configuring Evernote to clip a webpage in Reader mode?

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11 hours ago, csihilling said:

Have you tried Simplified article?  It is similar to Reader.


Sorry I wasn't clear. I want to use my iPad to clip. Right now the process is:

1. On iPad Safari -> Share sheet -> Evernote

2. Go to Evernote, sync and then Simplify Formatting

3. Select and delete all the extraneous stuff


So, if we could have the MacOS option of 'Simplified article' clipping or send a Reader view website directly to Evernote, then the Evernote on iOS experience would be much smoother.


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