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  1. The latest iteration of Evernote for iOS has removed PDF preview thumbnails, which really disrupts the experience. At least the previous version had fuzzy images, which were enough to allow me to recognise note contents in card view. I'll put in a feature request for inline PDFs, similar to Readdle apps, as well.
  2. I have this same issue regardless of whether I share through iOS or MacOS share sheet but for me, it happens with PDFs. Evernote team, please fix this!
  3. Sorry I wasn't clear. I want to use my iPad to clip. Right now the process is: 1. On iPad Safari -> Share sheet -> Evernote 2. Go to Evernote, sync and then Simplify Formatting 3. Select and delete all the extraneous stuff So, if we could have the MacOS option of 'Simplified article' clipping or send a Reader view website directly to Evernote, then the Evernote on iOS experience would be much smoother.
  4. I use Evernote predominantly as a web clipper and I dread using iOS to clip notes as there’s no way to automatically simplify formatting as the desktop version. iOS however, has Reader mode for webpages so please consider configuring Evernote to clip a webpage in Reader mode?
  5. I have the same issue with syncing. Syncing never seems to complete even after > 24 hours of leaving the app open and drawing wifi off a fibre line. Neither does notes downloading, which is broken for both iPhone and iPad. The vast majority of my notes are web clips, jpeg-rich and PDFs. I assume these problems may not be present for users using Evernote primarily for text. The 8.2.1 update has completely broken the app on iOS for me.
  6. Just wanted to share an observation: I use Evernote primarily as a web-clipper and I find that the auto-tagging of such imported notes to be really freaky. Without prompting, Evernote tags my notes correctly 90% of the time, which suggests that the service learns user behaviour. While I appreciate the automation, I think Evernote stores more personal info than Facebook because the user sorts the collected data into meaningful categories for Evernote to peruse.
  7. I agree with Southdowns. The best incarnation of Skitch remains the version prior to being bought over by Evernote. Having markups synced to Evernote horrified me for a few weeks, but I eventually accepted it as a necessary evil. And then the abomination that was v3.0 happened. Here are my suggestions for improvement, which would probably get ignored. They apply only to Skitch on iOS as I don't use the desktop version: 1. Reinstate local storage as per the pre-Evernote days. Make it an in-app purchase, if that's what it takes. Then give us the option to sync to Evernote. 2. Users should have the option to select a default Evernote folder in the current version. I don't want my Skitches getting saved all over the place! My first choice is always local storage within the app and at a distant second, the Skitch folder in Evernote.
  8. That works! Thank you very much! Now I'll just have to remember not to Update All in my App Store.
  9. How do you install v2.6.2? I deleted and reinstalled but it went straight to 3.0
  10. The new Skitch is driving me absolutely insane! I use the app extensively for work and this update has DESTROYED ANY VALUE IT ONCE HAD. My workflow with it used to go like this: 1. Open Skitch, take site photos on my iPhone and annotate them 2. Close it and it goes straight to my Skitch library and Evernote. I can choose to email or share if I needed to. Now, after annotating, I have to click on the Evernote icon in Share to sync it and THEN go into Evernote and click Sync Now repeatedly to make it appear eventually. Do you realise how much my productivity has been hit with this bullshit? Skitch was useful to me because I can see my annotated photos instantly and can show it to colleagues as well. Now I cannot do that. And what happens if I'm at a site with poor data connectivity? I would then need to save the photo to camera roll, with no possiibiltiy of editing markups. To add insult to injury, I cannot even get Skitch to save to the Skitch folder in Evernote; they go to the default folder and I would then need to transfer one by one. You fools have made Skitch worthless to me. Happy now? Please don't ask me to use Evernote to get around this Skitch problem. It's simply too cumbersome for my workflow. I want to be able to snap, markup and see result without delay. Why couldn't the developers preserve this core competency of Skitch? I'm utterly incensed by this insensitivity to customers' needs.
  11. 1. What really irks me are things that had worked perfectly turning dysfunctional after an update, which is after all, meant to improve the user experience. The image viewer feature was a wonderful addition; previously, all images open full-screen and double-tapping either magnifies them or renders them full-sized. I'm not sure if this is due to the new iPad's retina display but images now open in all sorts of weird sizes. Most recently I added a note with photos whose dimensions were all exactly 1280 px wide. When viewed, most of them display full-screen but some are half-sized or less. Double tapping doesn't even restore them to the full size any more. This problem may seem trivial to users who tend to enter only text notes but I've got a lot of photo notes essential for my work, e.g., site photos, shop drawings and sketches. I am not even asking for an additional feature; I just need it back to the way it used to work. 2. I've been harping on this for a while but as a new feature request, please, I beg you, include a slideshow player feature. Thanks, Vincent
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