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Create Note Links Offline

Stacey Harmon


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24 minutes ago, Stacey said:

I am no longer able to create note links while offline on my Mac. Is this a feature change or a bug? (Either way, it is killing my workflow productivity when traveling).

The note link contains the note id, which currently is assigned centrally at the Evernote server.  Therefore, there has to be an initial sync

After that, you should not have a problem creating note links.  What error are you seeing?

btw  This is common to all platforms, not just Business.  Is it ok to move your post to the General Forum 

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2 hours ago, Stacey said:

Even after a full sync, I can no longer create note links when off line. I'm getting this message every time:

I’d say it’s a bug
I reproduced the error on my Mac Mini

You should contact Support (Contact Evernote Support)  I’d be interested in their comments

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6 hours ago, Stacey said:

Just submitted a ticket. I'll post here the resolution. Thanks for your feedback.

If you need a quick work-around, you can run this script on your Mac  link.scpt
Its simple Applescript code

tell application "Evernote"
    set theNotes to get selection     
    set theNote to item 1 of theNotes
    set theLink to note link of theNote
end tell
display dialog theLink


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@DTLow Tech support told me:

"I understand that you were looking to create note links when not connected to a network. I did some research on my end and it looks like that is expected as, when you create a note link, you're generating a URL to link back to your note on the Evernote website." 

I'm wondering if I got routed to one of the "community member" tech support people through Directly, vs a real tech support employee, so I'm not totally convinced that this is an accurate answer.

They also told me that a workaround is classic note links. Which, I tried, but it does not work. Have sent back a reply. This is definitely a change in feature behavior and I want to know which version this changed in. I've requested that info as well. 

I appreciate the apple script workaround...although, I have to admit that I'm not sure what to do with it. I never use apple script!

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5 hours ago, Stacey said:

I appreciate the apple script workaround...although, I have to admit that I'm not sure what to do with it. I never use apple script!

At the basic level, you could simply download the script file
Open the file, which launches the script editor app
Click on 59c86663e843b_ScreenShot2017-09-24at13_51_12.png.914c9485fa22bcf63ed17482f7effadb.pngthe run icon 59c8669205a78_ScreenShot2017-09-24at19_14_23.png.a23f03bc10f1ee94232edd16ef09681f.png and the note link is displayed 

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@DTLow Thank you! I did get escalated in support and got this message back:

"I can also reproduce this issue when mirroring your hardware and software, and filed a bug with our developers to investigate. Although I don't have an ETA of when this issue will be resolved, I can assure you we're working diligently to restore this functionality."

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