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iOS Version 8.4 unexpected shutdown



Recent update v8.4 on my iPhone 6s shuts down unexpectedly repeatedly as it tries to sync. I removed the app, reinstalled, and it went all the way through the sync before it crashed again. To 

I'm guessing this iOS 11 version wasn't properly tested in the last iOS 10 version. This has happened before, unfortunately. Back level testing is crucial because not everyone can or wants to update right away. All apps should be backwards compatible or leave the app store (in MLTHO). By the way, the crash just forces the app to the background; when you bring it back to the foreground, it tries to sync again and then crashes. It's fun for about 5 minutes, but then I get bored.

I submitted a ticket, but the thought it could take up to a week for a response seems a little ... excessive. Or is it just me?

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7 minutes ago, socalvillaguy said:

I'm guessing this iOS 11 version wasn't properly tested in the last iOS 10 version.

I’d suggest posting in the release discussion; except there isn’t one

I’ve moved the discussion to the IOS forum

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I'm experiencing this as well. It literally is unusable. This is unacceptable as I use Evernote in my everyday workflow. I've recently upgraded to a premium account and after experiencing outages over the last few updates that make Evernote a chore to use or unusable, I'm beginning to wonder if I made the correct choice by migrating all of my notes over to Evernote. :(

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I am also experiencing this.  Once the app is opened on the iphones that we use in our company account every iphone will crash using the app.  I do not see a customer service number and this has been going on for weeks now.  We use our iphones in the field for taking images and field notes.  It critical for us to have this working.  I am a long time evernote user and am responsible for it being integrated into our company.

If we don't get this fixed it will be time to move on to one note MS.  Someone call to discuss issue or at least let us now that a fix is in the works.

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