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Recent Versions Constantly Hanging In The Middle of Typing, Even More So In Shared Notebooks

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I've been noticing constant hanging every few sentences in current versions of Evernote for at least the past 6 months, probably more. I use it on two different Windows 7 machines, one 2012 era, and one 2015 era.  No other applications hang on these machines.  I used to always have frequent syncing on with no problem, and this was one of the triggers of this issue, but not the only. I'd be typing a sentence then the cursor would suddenly hang, then the buffer of what I was typing would either appear at the top of the note after the automatic sync, or skip to another note entirely and plop the new text at the top of that one.  

I dumbed down my syncing frequency, but it still hangs way more often than it should (nothing else unusual or extensive running, just basics), and even still will suddenly skip to a random note in the middle of working on something with no rhyme or reason (no recent sync, which never used to be an issue to begin with).

I've just been wrestling through it thinking with each update the issue will go away, but since I've been working in a shared notebook collaborating on notes with someone, it's there where the hanging becomes downright crippling; I cannot even make it through a sentence (half, if I'm lucky) without it hanging.  This shared note issue I haven't experienced on my desktop only because I don't have access to it since I've been working on that project, but since the other issues are pretty much the same on both machines, I wouldn't rule it out.

Anyone else dealing with this?  I'm toying with the idea of sacrificing my colored notebooks and tags and going back down to the last version of 5 due to this issue, coupled with a previous issue that botched a lot of long notes with broken word-wrap since going from 5.x - 6.x.

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