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Request: Fast 1 Click saving option like pocket




Found nothing in the search, so here proposal:

A 1 click "Pocket" style way of clipping, where you could just hit 1 button or keyboard shortcut, and save the page. If possible with pre configured options (Article, Page, Bookmark, etc.). Of course ONLY as an additional way to clip,  NOT replacing the current way..

At the moment it is multiple times faster to save a page to my pocket, then to clip it to EN (Of course even without ANY tags, notes, etc.). I do understand the difference between those 2 services, but i think it would still be possible to avoid the tedious way of 1. Click on EN button 2. Wait for UI to load (Takes 1-2 secs till ready to operate even on my fast mid-premium) desktop, not to speak about my older laptop, or those 2GB/4GB windows tablets  2. Check the current clipping format 3. Check target folder 4. hitting save button 

Some ppl may dont mind, when they only use clipper causally or for private, non extensive use, but for power users, and professional use, this can get a pretty slow and therefore annoying workflow, when one needs to do research for example, and save more then 1-2 pages at a time. And those power and pro users are the ones, that buy the subscriptions mostly. Causal users are most times happy with a free plan. Therefore i think EN should seriously think to target us more, and develop EN potential, where it still stands like years ago. 

In times like these, where many of those users use their browsers with multiple, often dozens of tabs open, such a batch like option would come REALLY handy, and REALLY save time, nerves and money, and be something REALLY beneficial for many of us. 

I have been an EN fan from their start on Android, and still have some hope for it, even after feeling burned with lack of focus on core product improvement and lack of listening to the community, as i know many here feel the same. And i do know that EN team has been busy with work on the software and backend core software. But i hope this promised focus on improving EN instead of wasting time and money on BS side Apps will sometime soon come to fruition. Seeing how OneNote catches up, it may be too little, too late. But I hope I am proofed to be wrong on my feeling.


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It can be a two click operation today, 1. Clipper and 2. Save, assuming you have set defaults in options.  Multiple combinations of notebooks and/or tags would require multiple shortcuts?  What am I missing?

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