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Issues with Merging Notes

Steven Huey



I'm using Version 6.11 (454874 Direct) on 10.12.6 and have been seeing issues while trying to merge notes. Is anyone else?

  1. Sometimes when merging multiple notes, the resulting note is empty. It has the correct title, but there's no note content.
  2. When merging notes created from HTML emails that were forwarded to Evernote, the resulting HTML is mangled and the content looks to be rendered in a very narrow table. I think this is happening whether I'm merging multiple notes created from HTML emails, or with a mixture of note types - text notes created in Evernote, notes with attached images or PDFs, and notes created from forwarded emails.
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Hi.  Not seen any problems lately,  but I'm a Windows user so slightly different client - though now we have a common editor,  so maybe similar.  I can imagine sticking two HTML notes together with different codings might cause some issues,  but don't ever recall any...  sorry not to be more help.  ;)

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