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  1. Hi, I'm using Version 6.11 (454874 Direct) on 10.12.6 and have been seeing issues while trying to merge notes. Is anyone else? Sometimes when merging multiple notes, the resulting note is empty. It has the correct title, but there's no note content. When merging notes created from HTML emails that were forwarded to Evernote, the resulting HTML is mangled and the content looks to be rendered in a very narrow table. I think this is happening whether I'm merging multiple notes created from HTML emails, or with a mixture of note types - text notes created in Evernote, notes with attached images or PDFs, and notes created from forwarded emails.
  2. ⌘J is great - much better than the existing options. Hoping you can add tag searching to it too!
  3. +1 This is a great idea.
  4. The tags and some of the icons above the note content are hard to see or read as gray icons or text on a white background. The tags can be hard to read while editing when they're displayed as light blue text on a light gray background with the editing field outlined in a matching light blue. The same is true for the tag completion drop-down with light blue text on a white background. When the tag editing field has focus or when mousing over that bar it would be nice if the icons and tag editing UI had more contrast against the white background.
  5. A feature request… When auto completing tags or notebook names it looks like Evernote suggests results alphabetically, and sorts them alphabetically too. It would be nice if they were sorted by frequency of use, so more popular tags and notebooks appear at the top of the list. Evernote Support - if there's a better way to submit feature requests other than posting here, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. True, there are many date formats, but there are also natural language processors for many of the common ones. Evernote is also doing advanced processing on note content to determine for example, if a note contains a recipe or not for use with the Evernote Food app, so could doing something similar here with date information.
  7. I use Evernote on a daily basis from my Mac and iOS devices. One of the greatest things about Evernote is how awesome its search (and new Context) features are. Search results are returned incredibly quickly and are so relevant. There are number of ways to search for notes by creation or date updated but wish it would allow you to search for dates instead of by date. It’s easy to search for notes that are created or updated on a date or within a range of dates but it would be great to be able to say, “show me all the notes that are about dates in the next two weeks" and see a list of relevant notes. For example here’s a PDF I've got stashed in Evernote about some upcoming ski deals this winter: I can search for “December" and see this as a result because of Evernote’s document search, but it doesn’t know that the note contains information about events between December and March. Just as it can identify contact information with its business card scanning, here’s hoping that the Evernote team can apply some AI to be able to identify these dates as more than just text and offer another awesome way to search our notes. Originally posted at: http://cl.ly/3g2w231k2M2G
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