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Web Clipper almost always wrong!

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When Web Clipper for Chrome tries to guess which notebook to clip into, it is wrong 99% of the time! Why not just clip into the last used notebook, rather than trying to be clever and use algorithms, and the Clipper would probably be right about 50% of the time?

Just a thought,




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I set the default notebook to be used, and it is right probably 90% of the time - I do a lot of clips of one type. Then it is easy to move to other notebooks if that is needed after 'cleaning up' the clipped notes.

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Check the Clipper Options - you can choose 'smart' filing,  which initially isn't,  but should improve over time;  default (or some other notebook) always; or 'last used' which is my favourite. (Local Notebooks don't make the cut however) 

The clipping dialogues should give you the chance to choose your own notebook,  whatever the selection.

In my case 99% of the time the 'last used' is the default notebook anyway,  but at least I can change it...

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