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The solution for headings, style, exchange and storage



Why not to accept EPUB as a exchange format? Even more, why not use EPUB as the real format for all system? It is time to assume that Evernote is not an notetaking-App, is a online-white-paper-App. We are who decide if we are writing a short or long text, temporal or permanent, personal or public and son on. In both cases, we will need formatting tools to create this text, this writing. For many, Evernote is the updated version of windows notepad-app for this 21st century, but we need more than that app.

Doing this you will have the solution for many questions:
- Title, headings, subheadings: great to write more than two lines of text!
- Style format (colours, fonts): avoiding untidy notes
- Tablet of content/index: navigability trough large and dense notes
- Export/import option as EPUB: rather than ENEX format or HTML files
- Storage option: any place as one file, that is EPUB
- Online minimalist EPUB editor: simply text without see any html code
- No printers, no paper: users just need and want digital content

So finally, Evernote will be a huge online place where you can start with a minimum note of one line. Then, you can go far adding more text and contents, creating a report, a diary. Even, completing a novel or a thesis by parts or doing all in one place. Then, if someone need further publishing software, there are many applications (Indesing, QuarkPress, etc). All of them ready to create printings and more developed solutions for experts. Nowadays, for real digital life, nobody needs a old fashion formats like DOC or PDF, which are prepared to be "printed" in a paper or in a screen. For many of us, with a Evernote is more than enough. Google knows it. They have GoogleDocs that in fact is an editor of super-html, that is, EPUB. There you can download it in EPUB format (however you cannot upload EPUB to there...). Even Evernote already knows this, because in fact, ENEX format is a kind of compressed html, that is again, a kind of EPUB format.

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5 hours ago, flx.iglesc said:

It is time to assume that Evernote is not an notetaking-App

I see Evernote as my digital file cabinet.  I can attach files of any format to a note; pdf, doc, jpeg, and even EPUB

Evernote’s editor is adequate for basic notes.  If I need additional features, I use dedicated apps; if I needed EPUB features, I’d simply use an EPUB editor

btw  Does EPUB handle attachments?  For example, attaching a spreadsheet file to a note

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