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Missing content in notes



I typed up a lot of content into a note today. I went to another tab in my browser briefly, and when I came back, over half the content had been removed. I can't find it anywhere. I tried everything listed online (notes history, etc.), and I can't find a way to submit a trouble ticket. I appreciate anything you can do to assist!

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Hi.  If you're creating long content in a browser window you're reliant on the browser software to save your work for long enough to send it to a website or in this case to Evernote. 

I've had long answers in tis forum disappear before now because of some glitch in my connection,  or when I clicked the wrong link in the browser.  If that content hasn't been sent to Evernote by the time it disappears from the browser,  there's nothing that Evernote can do to restore it. 

I tend to use a different application to draft a note - one that saves to a local file so the content can't be lost,  regardless of my connection or other browsing actions - and then copy/ paste the content into a note,  or attach the WP file to the note when editing is complete.

If you can find a large portion of the content in one or other of the note copies (multiple copies tends to indicate a slow or intermittent network connection) I'm afraid that's probably as much as you will be able to recover.

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Thanks so much! That's really great information to have (and something I wish Evernote would have made me aware of before I started using it). I am one who tends to save my work frequently, and in fact when I was typing my note yesterday I looked for a "save" button several times and never found it, or otherwise I would have saved it. Do you know how to save a document in Evernote? When I couldn't find a "save" button, I assumed it autosaved like most other web-based programs I use.

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You should see a grey check mark in the top right of the screen which will acquire a green circle and then the check mark will turn green.  Grey means the app has detected some new activity,  the green circle means it's saving,  and a green check means things are now saved.  All this would normally happen in few seconds after making a change - but if the line is bad,  things can take longer - and there's no warning (AFAIK) if anything goes wrong,  except for the check mark staying grey,  or the green circles persisting.  There's no manual option. 

Saving to a local file is fairly foolproof - that's what every computer does well.  Saving to a remote web server is less certain - there's your local network,  internet traffic and a busy server to negotiate around,  all of which are outside your control!

Edit:  (Sorry I don't use the web version unless I have to - I forgot an important bit:)  It's not exactly true that there's no manual option - you can hit the 'done' button frequently - and definitely should do so when you take even a short break from working.  That will close the note but it will also force the system to sync and display your progress to date next time you see the note.  (But I still recommend a separate app for longer work!)

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I have the same problems with web-versions at Chrome regularly since winter 2017.

Sometimes the pieces of the text disappear, usually it is a last added piece. But the note, which I edited, is starting to has clones (duplicates) from two or even ten times. If I'm lucky enough I can found the missed pieces at some of that duplicates of the note.

It's so dissapointing when your last phrase or even whole paragraph just vanished! And so inconvinient to look for missed text in duplicates and delete worthless duplicates, because at the list of the notes they look the same and your interface works very slow, so sometimes It happens that I deleted a necessary note. :-(

Could you please change that behavior of saving? As I understand this is happens because of poor network connection. But, it would be more nice if you just show the message about error of saving and don't reload the text at the text editor when it happens. Otherwise the mean of your text editor at web versions is meaningless if I need another text editor for typing my thoughts without risks to lost them or to duplicate them many times.

Sorry, I couldn't found other way to get you know about this bug. Because it's definitely a bug. And at more earlier versions it's never happened.

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