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Bug: EN not adjusting to new screensize




I could not find the bug thread, please move this message there.

I'm running EN (305173) prerelease on Win10 and when I plug in a bigger screen into my laptop, EN seems to change the window size but strangely only the previous window size area works. I need to manually push the win10 windows expand/contract buttons (those on the right top corner of every windows window, next to the close window button).

Small bug, please fix.

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Hi.  If you didn't have problems with the previous versions of Windows,  I'd suggest you back out of the Beta channel - window sizes could be the least of your problems...

When reporting issues with a particular version (particularly the current pre-release) it's always best to post in the thread for that version -

... but I'm also using that version on Windows 10 on a three-screen setup,  and Evernote doesn't seem to have any problems adjusting to whatever screen size it's on.  It does reopen at the last screen size used before the app was closed down which might explain some anomalies...

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well, I just wanted to report it - afaik EN is not updating the software in the background, so the problem might be coming from Win10. But EN is the only program that shows this behaviour.

Will repost in the 6.6 beta thread - thanks, I did not find that one!


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