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Adding things to the existing note



I want to add the thing I want to share to the existing note.


For example, when I have 'Walking Dead' note and I find out some new interesting images for that on internet browser on Android,

I have to download that image, go to Evernote, click on magnifier icon, type "Walking Dead", open "Walking Dead" note, clik on + button and find the image I yet downloaded among a lot of images I have..


If the browser has the share button for adding things to the existing note, that process will be very simple..

S note for Galaxy has that function.


Please, take this into consideration. Thank you.

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Hi.  If you have a paying account it's possible to append things to notes by sending the content by email.  If you have a desktop,  then appending is possible,  though it means drag and drop rather than clip.  So far it's not possible on mobile devices.  It's not yet possible to merge notes on mobile either,  but until Evernote has more options you could consider having a 'merge' tag,  which - used in conjunction with another tag like <WD> <merge> - means 'merge these notes together in one'. 

If you run a search for tag:merge and then sort by tags,  you'd be able to merge any number of blocks of notes in quick time.  NB the merge doesn't give you much choice in the arrangement of notes in any particular order...

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