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  1. 영어로 열심히 썼는데 제 계정에 가보니 쓴 Post가 없다네요.. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator 라고 적혀 있긴 하는데 중간에 날라간건지 뭔지...확인할 길이 없네요. 승인이 나기 전까지 제 계정에서도 못보는 건가요?? 중간에 수정이나 삭제도 하고 싶은데.. 이 글도 못 보게 되려나요..
  2. I want to add the thing I want to share to the existing note. For example, when I have 'Walking Dead' note and I find out some new interesting images for that on internet browser on Android, I have to download that image, go to Evernote, click on magnifier icon, type "Walking Dead", open "Walking Dead" note, clik on + button and find the image I yet downloaded among a lot of images I have.. If the browser has the share button for adding things to the existing note, that process will be very simple.. S note for Galaxy has that function. Please, take
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