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Add getPocket as a Context

Dave Green


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8 hours ago, Dave Green said:

Expand the Context feature to allow one's filings in Context to be considered.

Context isn't a feature I use; I found it a little confusing to see the extra information

So far, the choices in preference are 5929c3752e2dd_ScreenShot2017-05-27at11_18_44AM.png.4e15e09be091c4c0eb53fd32c96e7cc2.png

edited: I mistakenly cropped the most important part of the preference panel.  It shows the sources Evernote currently retrieve content from

Would getPocket be willing to make their database available for this?

You could also look at iftt for options in getPocket integration  https://ifttt.com/pocket


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Thanks for your reply and thoughts.

GetPocket allows user accounts and an API https://getpocket.com/developer/ so I assume that it could be searched on demand like other sources like WSJ.  I would be interested in my content in GetPocket that matches up with my Evernote pages.   The context sources are on a button just below what you show in the graphic (perhaps only when selected) and includes a number of sources:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • TechCrunch
  • PandoDaily
  • Fast Company
  • Inc.
  • Nikkei
  • Lifehacker
  • Forbes
  • Nikkei Business Online, Technology Online, and Architecture
  • ITpro
  • LinkedIn
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