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Writing notes

Anne-Marie Mylar

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As a write a note, within a few words my cursor jumps to the Title and if I don't pay attention what I write is in the title. The first few times it happens I thought that I might be pushing the wrong keys on my keyboard, so I typed very slowly to see if it would happen. I have not idea what is going on and why it does that. It is probably due to a setting that I have wrong.  As I was creating an example for you to see, I noticed that a pause (while thinking what I was going to write next) made the cursor jump back to the Title.

Please guide.


Evernote-cursor problem.jpg

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Hi.  Problem with cursor jumping to note title when writing in note body..much reported already.  Workaround pending fix: Tools > Options > Note and UNcheck "Set new note focus to title".

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