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  1. Hi, As a write a note, within a few words my cursor jumps to the Title and if I don't pay attention what I write is in the title. The first few times it happens I thought that I might be pushing the wrong keys on my keyboard, so I typed very slowly to see if it would happen. I have not idea what is going on and why it does that. It is probably due to a setting that I have wrong. As I was creating an example for you to see, I noticed that a pause (while thinking what I was going to write next) made the cursor jump back to the Title. Please guide. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much, this is helpful. I did not realized about the little tiny icon on the upper left hand side that would give me this kind of display. That is what I mean by a lot of blah blah on tutorial but nothing specific. I appreciate it. Now, I am going to change topic and create a new post, as I do have another problem. Once again, thanks.
  3. How do you see in a chronological order every note taken in a specific notebook, for the purpose of seeing on the screen or printing. I am new with Evernote. I am good with tutorials but I don't find the tutorials in Evernote helpful. A lot of blah blah blah and not enough of: Cick here, and do that.... Simple and to the point. If I search - Printing or Reporting - I get all kind of stuff that is completely irrelevant and nothing on printing and reporting. Please help, if you can, thanks
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