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Shortcut not opening the note

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Hi, I am using Windows version - the latest release for Windows 10.  When I click on a shortcut the note does not open, it just highlights it in the list below.  I have tried removing them and readding them by dragging the note there or by right clicking and adding to Shortcuts - still no luck.

Any thoughts?

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Yep, tried deleting them and then dragging them back, tried adding them via a right click, and have restarted my machine numerous times as part of normal use and nothing changes.  If I double-click on the shortcut all it does is highlight the note in notes below, it does not open the note.

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Actually I just understood your first post properly...  My shortcuts don't open the individual note in a separate window.  I click the shortcut in the left pane and in the pane to its right I see a list of notes if my shortcut is a search;  I do see a highlighted  bar in that pane if the shortcut is to a note - however the All Notes view is sorted,  I get a list of notes with the correct one highlighted.  I also get that note's contents in the right-hand window.  Is it possible you 'lost' that window??


If that's not the situation here,  I'm not sure what to suggest.  You could look into setting up a table of contents note pointing to your essential notes - if you set up a work 'dashboard' listing all your required notes you should be able to open any of the items in its own window as and when you want to.



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Hi, sorry, took me a while to remember to respond to this.  Thanks, what you have described is what happens to me so at least I know that it's working as intended.  I just worked out that I can double-click on a short cut in the left hand panel and that opens the note so not sure if that's a new feature or not but that does what I want it to so that is great.

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