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  1. Thanks, that's disappointing, will go back to the legacy version as the new version is very unstable on my machine as well...
  2. My preferred view is Notebooks on the LHS and the rest of the screen showing whichever notebook I am looking at with all of the notes as cards. In the new version I cannot find this view. Card view has notebooks on the LHS, cards in the middle and a note on the RHS.... Help please!
  3. Slow to respond but yep, this is what I concluded I need to do now.... Thanks for your help.
  4. I don't think this is super-complicated functionality, really just a filtered view showing most recent changes.... Each time they do an update I hope for a change but nope, nothing changes, software gets more buggy.... E.g. latest issue is in lists where you edit a list, hit return to enter a new line item and it doesn't pick up auto uppercase on first letter and spell checking picks up the last work from the line above..... Not sure if this is Evernote or iOS but super annoying.
  5. If I send an email about a potential work opportunity I BCC it to me Evernote email address then when I call the person I add the date and time of my call in above the email and then each new conversation about that, i.e. newest conversation at the top. If I edit a note from an email there is no easy way to put the created time and date in there before I add the text.
  6. Hi, I'll often use the email feature to add an email to Evernote. Quite often I will then append notes above that email so what I would like to be able to do is open the email in Evernote and then when I add the text above the email, somehow I would like to pick up the date and time the email was sent in, almost like what happens when you forward or reply to an email. I turn my emails into working notes, e.g. contact someone about a job and then I talk to them on the phone I'd like it to show something like below whereas as soon as I edit that note it appends the sent date and time
  7. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate what you are saying but I am talking about pretty basic things here and I am sure they could make them all the same if they wanted to. Interesting that you use the clients differently, I'm the opposite, I want them to be the same so that it's seamless moving between platforms and devices.
  8. Thanks for your response, yes, this is the standard view that I use, I just wish the last few notes were displayed on the left hand side above the Notebooks like it is on my Mac. I really don't understand why the applications can't be the same across all platforms...
  9. I have exactly the same problem, it drives me crazy, the way it works makes no sense at all.... I'm going to submit a ticket to Support.
  10. Thanks, am I the only one who gets frustrated by different functionality in each app / platform?!
  11. How do I get my recent notes to show up above Notebooks in Windows client like the do in IOS? Under View I have my Notebooks in the left panel, Shortcuts in the Toolbar and I want to see my recent notes displayed somewhere on the left hand side. Any ideas please?
  12. Hi, When I add a photo into a note using my iPhone the text "Photos you take will appear here. Tap to review or swipe up to delete" actually obscures the live view of the image so when I take a photo of say a business card and it looks like it fills the screen I end up with a band at the bottom of the image and so I then need to go in and crop it. Any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks
  13. Hi, sorry, took me a while to remember to respond to this. Thanks, what you have described is what happens to me so at least I know that it's working as intended. I just worked out that I can double-click on a short cut in the left hand panel and that opens the note so not sure if that's a new feature or not but that does what I want it to so that is great.
  14. Hmmmmm, tried that, no change..... Any other ideas? I use this for all of my work and so it's frustrating that it doesn't work...
  15. Yep, tried deleting them and then dragging them back, tried adding them via a right click, and have restarted my machine numerous times as part of normal use and nothing changes. If I double-click on the shortcut all it does is highlight the note in notes below, it does not open the note.
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