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FEATURE ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: more flexible date format for sending email to evernote


The format for subject line date is !yyyy/mm/dd

I never remember this format especially since it is not a common format I see all over various apps on my Mac, so I never use this feature.  I have to go into Evernote and manually add a date, which seems like a cumbersome work process.

It would be great of the date format could be enhanced to use the display format configured in Mac system preferences.  

As long as I am wishing, it would also be handy to accept an optional time with the date format.

This idea is potentially applicable across many devices.

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Added option to include time.
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Hi.  The format is fairly common - look up ISO 8601 for more background.  I use it a fair amount because it means my note titles will sort into the correct date for their content rather than the created or updated dates.  I have a text expander that will create a current date stamp with one keypress,  and could be configured (thanks for prompting the thought) to do an optional forward date by pausing for a 'days ahead?' prompt - and it could also add the "!" at the start.  I'm also running an Excel spreadsheet which will take a system format date and convert it to that setup. Though the text expander could also do that for me if I sit down with it for 10 minutes...

A fair amount of time it's just easier to type the date in that order once you get used to it - that avoids interrupting the flow...

All of which are work-arounds,  because I don't see Evernote changing that particular feature anytime soon - although I can,  and often have been,  wrong about that sort of thing.

To improve the customer UI though I agree - there's no reason why a date couldn't be converted within Evernote's code rather than requiring a specific format.  If the system date setup is known,  then a conversion should normally be predictable.

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