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how to move MULTIPLE notes


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the title says it. 

i created a new account for an old set of notes and i am trying to combine notes into notebooks. 

in my original EN account i have selected the option to opt out of the new web version.  

i had NO IDEA that the new web version DOES NOT LET YOU MOVE NOTES from one notebook or even into a notebook either one note or multiple. 

yes I KNOW that you can change the notebook name for ONE note = BUT IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE NOTES there is no way????? 



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Hi.  The 'new improved' web version, really isn't either of those things.  It's a partly-finished beta that copied some of the features of the old version but never got completely developed.  Evernote have said there's a newly designed and coded version on the way,  but until that arrives,  what you see is what you got.  It's perfectly feasible to move notes around in the desktop version,  and even -maybe depending on your OS- in the mobile versions.  If you're stuck with the new web version,   that feature is not available.  Deal with your moves on another platform,  or export them (another desktop only option) from the new account,  re-import them into the old one that still has old web access,  make your changes there and move them back to the new account.

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