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  1. Reading this post.. i had previously tonight submitted a ticket to them... it sucks. i have been exploring onenote tonight... the problem there is that their web version has almost NO features... so I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. have been a paid subscriber for over ten years to EN... REALLY frustrated and upset at the lack of support and the HORRIBLE web design ... there was NOTHING wrong with the old version I have the same issue as another poster here with not being able to SELECT NOTES in the new web version > REALLY THIS IS ABSURD. not sure what I am goi
  2. so this worked as recently as a few weeks ago. search is NOT working for numbers within a note example 1/12/1966 i could search for this in a note up until about three weeks ago... now this search does not work. i have many notes with dates like this in them and i need to find the note by a specific date such as that one this has worked for YEARS and ALL OF A SUDDEN its NOT WORKING i can search by words this is really ridiculous. why is this not working any longer
  3. search by tag DOES NOT WORK not web beta - try tag:home in the search bar NOTHING and i have many try many different tags. NOTHING WTF is WRONG
  4. NOT WORKING i am using the old web format (i HATE HATE HATE the beta) i put ALL NOTEBOOKS in Search box Tag:'real estate' click on Search NOTHING i have many items tagged i try with a one word tag again NOTHING WTF is WRONG
  5. IS THERE AN UPDATE ON whether the new web release will include MOVE FUNCTION? Really to have REMOVED that from the new web version AND START CHARGING more to use EN ... bad customer service
  6. the title says it. i created a new account for an old set of notes and i am trying to combine notes into notebooks. in my original EN account i have selected the option to opt out of the new web version. i had NO IDEA that the new web version DOES NOT LET YOU MOVE NOTES from one notebook or even into a notebook either one note or multiple. yes I KNOW that you can change the notebook name for ONE note = BUT IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE NOTES there is no way????? THIS IS RIDICULOUS
  7. ONLY on my MOBILE DEVICES. I recently began a huge migration of notes to fewer notebooks. I am having to do it in DESKTOP client cause you cant SELECT ALL in the web client. Anyway, NONE of the EVERNOTE CLIPPER clients on ANY MOBILE device shows the NEW notebooks. And these notebooks are at the TOP of the list. They were created TWO weeks ago. I have the problem on iPad, iPhone and all devices are uptodate as is the evernote client on the devices. Problem is in SAFARI and CHROME on the devices.
  8. over two months AN NO ANSWER. THIS IS BROKEN>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. i have set up two step auth using SMS EVERY TIME i use evernote web version i select REMEMBER THIS COMPUTER for 30 days . I am using the SAME COMPUTERS - desktop (chrome under win10) and three chromebooks... EVERY SINGLE time i open evernote web version it continues to ask for the sms code what is the point of selecting the REMEMBER option? IT DOES NOT WORK
  10. Another complaint about the iOS app WTF is WRONG with SEARCH???? it does not work. i even select a notebook - i know there is a specific note that i am looking for and i put several words that are in the title and NOTHING COMES up. Not only that - a whole list of Notes with NOT ONE word of the search comes up . REALLY annoying. it works on Chrome web version and on any desktop . why cant it work on iOS
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