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Note panel text wrapping intermittent

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I've noticed since updating to " (304720) Public" that text wrapping in the Note Panel of the main Evernote window it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. If I open a note in a new window the text always wraps okay but not in the main Evernote window.

Is there anything that could cause this?

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Hi.  Screenshots and examples please - AFAIK I haven't seen any problems...

(It's always best to raise questions about bugs in updates in the update thread as the developers are usually watching closely there...)


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I don't know if this is the same issue but I'm getting something similar. It almost seems like a formatting issue but I haven't changed any settings. In my attached example there's a line break mid-sentence. I CAN'T get rid of it. A sentence or 2 later a letter wraps on its own. When I cut/paste to another program the problem remains. No idea why.

evernote wrap.PNG

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