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Since this is the only way to provide feedback, here it is.  Your search function on the Web is terrible.  It hasn't been fixed in as long as I've been using the product.  There should be a search feature within a note.  From the main search, it's also horrible.  Pulls up notes and then you have to scroll to find the highlights.  Don't understand why this is such an awful product on the web and so good on mobile.

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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum,  not a direct feedback to the company, although developers will read these pages for feedback at some time.   It will help fix issues like this if you contact Support if you're a paying customer or tweet them if not..  https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps - the more reports they receive,  the more likely things are to get fixed...

(I believe changes to the web client are already in hand..)

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Hi gazumped.

I note the word "believe". 

You are our main source of hope here on the forum. :)

Perhaps I could push you in the direction of an "I have good reasons to believe" or "I am relatively confident that."

It does not have to be true. Nobody would hold you to your word. But it would make us all feel better. :)


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Hi Glennie - don't get too carried away - the last (very general) post I saw on this was about 5 months ago and was guessing that new betas would be available 'early next year'.  Come Saturday we're looking at April now...  it's getting rather less early by the second...  I'd suspect sidetracks from Clipper and iOS issues prob'ly aren't helping.  Still "I am relatively confident that" they'll get there sometime fairly soon... :P

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