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State name, country name - Shorten / Use acronym



It's wonderful that Evernote for Windows shows the location of the note in the note window. But it takes up so much unnecessary space. For example, I regularly have locations that look like this:

Such-and-such County, Maryland, United States

That takes up a LOT of room in the note window, especially on a laptop with the list set to "snippet view" or "side list". 

It would be AWESOME if the location could show an abbreviation instead. 

Such-and-such Cty, MD, USA

That would give about 13 or 14 more characters to show stuff like tags. 


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Hi.  If you're referring to the location details in the side list,  there are some options - including not to show that detail..


If you're talking about the note window,  can you provide a screen shot?  All the location details I can see seem to be on the information drop-down...


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