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Evernote to Wordpress

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Hi Folks,

I wonder if anyone is able to help please.  I wrote a blog post on Evernote and wanted to copy and paste it into Wordpress.  I have done this successfully in the past.  However, with this particular post, the formatting has changed somewhat from Evernote to Wordpress and it is not displaying paragraph spaces etc.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

I have checked formatting on Evernote (and selected remove) before attempting to copy and paste again but it didn't help.  I also tried to manually format the post on Wordpress but to no avail.  I'm unsure if this is an Evernote or Wordpress issue.

Can anyone help?

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I used to be able to open the Share button, and send my note to WordPress blog. I can't find any help anywhere in evernote to assist with the matter. Very frustrating! So many of us use this for writing and publishing, not as an organizational tool, and that seems the way they are going now. I don't mind the organizational stuff, but ... I did google some answers, things people have figured out, using other apps to make the connection. It seems Evernote should just have it. https://bloggingyourpassion.com/evernote-to-wordpress/ https://torbjornzetterlund.com/connected-evernote-wordpress-blog/ I don't know about all this. Tried a chat, and nothing. I hit send to start the chat and nothing. Seems Evernote is costing more and offering less help in using it. Shame. 

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This use case seems sort of specific. I don’t think EN support does or should care about what happens beyond EN system limits.

The tool EN normally uses for sharing is AFAIK not useful. It creates a link to EN own database.

The both links you posted are outdated, they don’t cover the new version.

An easy way to create a blog from EN offers the integration by https://postach.io But sure, it is limited, especially when comparing to a CMS like WordPress.

To get stuff into WordPress, you can either copy it from a note, or send the note by email.

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