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web browser for android


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Hi.  Always useful to know what device you're using (mainly for the screen size) and broadly why you need access outside the app.  The main reason for the background being that there is no official mobile access (yet) outside of the main app,  or one of the various add-in applications that do specialised things like create a new note without,  necessarily, allowing you to view other notes you have created.  There's a widget that can show shortcuts, notes or notebook lists amongst other things,  but will open the app if you need to view more detail or edit the content.  It's possible to add content to your Evernote account from almost any app in Android by using the Share option - Evernote will come up as one of the options.

If you have a large(ish) screen,  going to www.evernote.com in a browser may get you a view of the web app,  but whether it will also be usable is open to question.  We're told the web app is being rewritten (again) for a re-launch early this year,  so the situation may change.

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How to access the Evernote web client on Android (at least this works for me):

  • Open the Chrome browser (it may work with other browsers)
  • Go to evernote.com - you should see a prompt to download the android app
  • From the drop down menu (three vertical dots), look for "Request desktop site". Check the checkbox
  • You should get the login for the Evernote web client
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