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Redesigning Evernote for iOS



Very interesting Medium post from Kara Hodecker on the design of the iOS app.

I think it's important to be reminded that there are real people behind the products we love.
With that said, I find the following (about v7) very shocking:


The tight timeline meant that we couldn’t do proper user testing or get a read from our Beta community — which probably would have impacted what we shipped.

Is this what happened for v8?

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1 hour ago, righteousdork said:

Is this what happened for v8?

I think so.  Acknowledging that a tight timeline caused you to release early, particularly when I don't think the timeline was published, is interesting.  Certainly when you consider what a faulty release can do to your users and your reputation.  There wasn't a clamor I can remember for a new UI with IOS 7, from the forums anyway.

IMO, it would seem the emphasis once again was on pretty and getting things into EN, not on necessarily accessing things in EN.  Notebooks have always been a way to filter notes, not sure when that got to be a "radical" concept (and you could use that filter on the home screen in v7).  v8.1 normalized some of the application speed issues from v8.0, but it is still a less productive tool than v7 was, my use case anyway.,  Too many presses to accomplish the same tasks.

Not sure how the reviewers used EN to give it a fastest, cleanest EN app ever plug....   Anyway, don't want to get snarky here.  I realize there are real people behind the products, it's just that v7 worked better than v8 for me.  And that's a perspective factoring any aversion to change I may have..  It just takes quantifiably longer with v8 for me to do what I used to do with v7 on my iDevices.  Not enough to make me stop using EN though.  Just another set of workarounds..  

Still a mystery to me as to why it has to be this way in the battle of form versus function.  


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